How to stop responding to other people's opinions

How to stop emotionally respond to any judgments about yourself and what you do?

Again and again looking for the answers within. I want another. Not to close from the pain and pretend that I don't mind the feedback. The fact of the matter is that hurt impossible, so that breathing hard, and seems to go no further. Stop where you are, and will no longer go out of the house.

But on the other hand, I want to acknowledge the right of another to any judgment, any voice, because the denial of this right is unfair, I feel like I'm denying the other, his "I am", which has a right to exist.

The question is who you think you are in a time when there is an emotional reaction e.g., anger at criticism. Do you think that your true essence is the anger?

Of course not. It only exists because you believe in its necessity as a defense from the other. Really, when you hurt another, do it intentionally? I don't think. And if so, it is the pain talking and not true. As with other wounds, because they do not understand yourself, truly believe in what they say — and this is their picture of the world, to which they are entitled.

Why this picture bothers you? You want to correct it, to correct another without his permission? And did he mirror, not if you are obsessed with idea to fix everything? Leave the other and anger inside. It makes no sense. Get order within.

At a time when you got hurt, all you care about hurts, is your own idea that you're not important. Whether so it actually? This is Lee wanted to emphasize the "abuser"? Or is it your perception and desire to like everything? If you believe in your littleness, any praise of the world will not help you, as well as your successes. If you or someone else something you don't understand, it's just ignorance and nothing more. How can you stay angry with someone who does not understand and their lack of understanding hurts primarily yourself? How can you get mad at yourself when you don't know and go to the touch, falling into the quagmire, then again you come out of it, wearing clean clothes and go under the sun.

Bog Lee, sun Lee — it's just circumstances, not your true essence. Live, experiment, learn what you have irresistible desire. There is nothing more interesting and important than this! Realizing this, you will see that others magically "changed." Although, of course, they will change, and you get rid of the habit to judge. published


Author: Natalia Khrabrova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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