What does women's "I love you"

I love you...

When you're still touching, cute baby, you say these words the mother tenderly embracing by the neck. And dad and grandma and the other grandma. And all who are near and who treat you well. And cat love as well as a younger sister, and chocolate – like a girl in kindergarten. Or not, chocolate even more. You wouldn't know bad if you without all of these people, because you haven't lost anyone.

And if they lost, they sincerely believed that the people you love become stars in the sky, your invisible guardian angels, and will you ever be able to be next to them will come up with unknown spaceship or invent a magic wand. You still can't throw, but I already know how much it hurts to leave you. When all of a sudden there is no mother for a few days, daddy didn't come home. You still don't understand what you did wrong, but you learn to blame yourself that you refuse to close people.


When you become a plain teenage girl, at some point, you come to understand that no love there. What classics are all up, and all of these spread out over four pages of tears to read a normal person impossible. Whether it "death note" or Chuck Palahniuk! In response to "I love you" is easy to hear: "Mother, leave me alone". Love at this age – hormones: the explosions, the shock, the stagnation and apathy. Storm. When stormy, it is necessary to survive, not about the dubious matters to think about. Sports, dancing, computer games, gadgets – there are so many interesting, except love.

Just a few years, when hormonal storm subsided slightly, you find that the opposite sex exists. You can clearly see that physically they are quite different, but you still feel that inside they are arranged in the same way as you. They should think and feel the same as you, because like people. When you fall in love with a cute boy a little older than yourself, you infinitely believe what he thinks about you days and nights, misses and writes poetry. And you don't want to hear his suggestions to have sex. You're not even upset, you still don't know what should be offended. You just don't understand why it is, if you have such a love! No one ever on earth before you could love another person. When you know that he is walking with another girl with whom he had sex, you're Mature.

If you are lucky enough not to get married to spite this guy, you have a chance to become sophisticated in love. No, not love – sex, but you don't know how one differs from another. Boys and men can be a lot, because the youth is a versatile tool that hides the lack of beauty, brains and excess weight. At least in the minds of many men. At this age, you probably already know that they are different, but still do not know that they are different. You get used to the fact that you rarely listen to, and often touching. Sometimes you get in the history: you can ugorazdit to fall in love. Of course, he's older, and married. This Cup of suffering will you drink to the bottom, and the bowl itself will be given to another. You can't leave the past in the past, therefore, most likely, your first marriage will fail, but love... You'll think you've had enough, this is not for you.

Some number of years you spend in building a career in the sex for health. It can be one within ten years or maybe ten in one year, the value of the men in your life does not change: they were lovers. You have no need to explore their inner world, enough one-time meetings and dates.

At this time you're more busy trying to sort myself out. You're already beginning to understand much about yourself. You know very well that you love and what you hate, what you love and what annoying as you can and then you're wiping from your circle. You can remove the ears all, not even earrings with diamonds, you inscrutable man, even if he hasn't said anything yet, you know exactly what you want. With you it becomes difficult: you are able to value themselves and finally begin to truly love yourself. Leave you, leave you. At this point, you firmly attached the word "bitch".

One day, after a morning coffee on you condescends inspiration: you don't have a lot of men, you don't even need one for health, you just need one. The one and only. You already know what it is and what you want to be near him.

If you are not yet disillusioned with life and men, in a really day you meet. Sometimes you know immediately that it's him, sometimes I don't understand. But between you there is love. Strong, passionate, beyond reason and logic. I want to fly, to sing, to live, work, have children, relax together, do everything together.

But suddenly, and it gets you a shock that he has his own views of his life. You were so absorbed with themselves and their feelings that I didn't see how much you differ from another and how it differs from the image that you created in your head. Are you still trying to convince, to explain, to show how good you can be together, but your "good" scares him – you deflect it for themselves. He humiliates, insults, pushes you, and you don't understand that first intruded on his territory. So he defends her self-respect. And you begin to learn how do they work, these men.


... Later, when you go foam grievances and complaints when you live all more than once, but the head, not the heart, you finally see the real him.If before you needed to apologize, changed, realized, and now you want to he was just. Your most close and native people. Such as it is. He's not perfect, and many times you repented. But now you're starting to see something big, important, valuable.

For the first time in life you want to guess his wishes and help him. You want to share his passion and become not so much a mistress, how many different. Although mistress is also infinitely desirable. It excites you just what it is.

You look at him, and you are beautiful. Others still need to try to have at least half of it's "beautiful". Can you hear it – and this is the best voice that you want to hear. Do you remember how he protected you and cared, I want to give him the same. You believe him absolutely, and you want to be loyal to him. Are you ready to go with him and failure, and joy. You hope to grow with them children and grandchildren. You're fairly certain your old age.

You want to finally breathe and that he was in charge. You think he's the best man, it has a lot of qualities that you are proud of and admire. Do you really want to he was. Your friends, family and the only male.

"I love you" till death do us part.published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik


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