Gifts from life: learning to ask and accept

The young man in the cafe comes up to me, holding out the dessert: "I want to buy you a drink. Now even pay for coffee," and runs away. At the checkout the man says, "I will pay for your purchase" and really paying the price. The driver of the bus did not take money: "You are free". None of them asks for a phone number. Everything just so."Why my life started to happen such miracles?" — I wonder, writes Natalia Khrabrova, especially for .

How many can remember, always been independent. In school — a student in the Institute — a diploma, a successful career in the civil service, then his own business, a child all by herself. But inside, everything ached and ached. Fatigue was a constant companion. All this was accompanied by different love stories, which eventually also brought devastation.

One day I decided to stop to understand yourself, stop hurting yourself and others. Moreover, there was a little boy, and I needed resources, so he doesn't feel neglected. The stop lasted a few years. I worked, I had no money, personal life.

In this challenging but very interesting journey, I realized that independence is different. My came from fear to be weak, needy, I was afraid to ask for help, especially money, even the father of the child. It seemed to me that asking, I'll have something to give and feel used. This independence is not genuine, it is a mask of power, under which hides the desperation and neediness.

To see these fears — already a huge step on the path to full abundance of life. There is another side to these fears. It was hard to admit that helping and giving something to others, I didn't do it definitely. Deep down I always hoped for a return gift.

To check, do you give definitely very simple. If asking for help, you feel awkward, the guilt, the fear, that then will have to work, so you do not give a reason.

Recognizing in themselves the fears, I wanted to learn how to ask. I began to experiment. Asked to help carry a watermelon to the entrance, the guy brought to the apartment, considering that heavy burden. One day, wearing shoes with heels, I realized that it's hard for me to go to them. Saw the man standing next to the car, came up and asked me to take, explaining the reason. He cheered and took place, although it was not on the way.

The hardest thing to ask for money, and even strangers, so most of my spontaneous experiments were in this area. For example, I left for several kilometers, without money, to not be tempted to Board the transport. One day, in one of these walks, it started raining, I went to family and a young couple asked for bus fare. They so zealously reacted to my request and was ready to drop off your car, the truth was not on the road, so I saved money.

The next episode. One winter walked to the rink in very windy weather. Cold, but return home for your money is not wanted, looked around, saw the man and decided to ask him for money for the fare. He was happy to help: give more than asked for. Although, of course, it would not give, would return home and broke her arm.

The next episode. Son near the kiosk asked to buy a chocolate bar, I missed a few rubles, and I asked the guy standing next to him. He just didn't give what was missing, gave all my change — much more than was necessary. Of course, inside was fear and rejection, to feel humiliation, guilt, I ask that the principle itself.

Just so tired of fear! What I realized as a result of their experiments:

  • People are happy to help. When you're asking, not demanding, but suggesting that you can refuse, your promise is that to refuse very difficult. Always nice to help your needy, needy. The giver at this point grows in their own eyes, it becomes strong. Asking, you make a gift and to someone who asked, showing thus the confidence and faith in his power. Imagine, it's not every day you fit a healthy, well-dressed man and asks for help, explaining that the rain that was not enough, and you could help. Do joy from their own generosity!

  • After the exchange, the joy overflows. As there is an amazing exchange of energy, not money or other benefits. You ask, and then trust and love for the world, believe that the world is good, so in response you get the same love. All interaction in the world is energy. ·Having a sense and belief in the power of the soul, the belief that I deserve these bounties. We are firmly seated in the belief that we are unworthy to receive gifts from life just like that, it is firmly bonded with guilt. Such experiments provide an opportunity to transcend this destructive belief.

  • I catch myself thinking that I was to give just this: a smile, a kind word random passers-by, throwing a coin to the needy, give your cake in a cafe, an unfamiliar child, inspire others with their experiences. It is love that returns to you the wonders!

Author: Natalia Khrabrova, especially for


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: Natalia Khrabrova


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