6 best recipes propolis ointment with their hands

Ointment on the basis of propolis can prepare yourself at home!

Out of doubt, a lot of people want to popolzovatsja ointments prepared with their own hands. And this is not surprising, because it is a great way to make sure all the components of naturalness. A faithfully executed mixture can greatly help with all sorts of diseases.

Propolis in pharmacology

Pharmacological complex developed by a very large number of drugs aimed at the cure of assorted diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, already half-forgotten quality steel, natural methods of traditional medicine, in which the special place occupied by the methods of healing of ulcers and gastritis propolis. After all, he has a clear antiseptic effect of preventing proliferation of various harmful bacteria, also inhibits any putrefaction.

anesthetic In any case, cure stomach diseases bee product really is because of its delightful anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative abilities, impacting directly on the mucous membrane and the wall of the stomach. Based on data from various sources, the analgesic effects of the asset exceeds even the possibility of novocaine.

External application

However, not all substances produced according to the recipes of this therapeutic agent, may only be taken internally. Some of them are more rational use exclusively for external application, as they are very poorly absorbed by the stomach, and, despite the presence in their composition of propolis, it will cause more harm than good.

Let us consider more in detail what kind of substance, why and how should produce.

Recipe №1 ointment of butter
The ointment of propolis and butter can be done quite simply, at the same time has a wide range of applications. Since the components are quite edible, they can be used both internally and externally. This ointment is used for problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to accelerate the healing process when the external skin lesions, and abscesses.

10% propolis tincture (infused with 90% alcohol for a week);
butter (plain, without salt).
The ingredients are mixed in the strict respect of: propolis tincture to the butter - 10:. 1
Next, this mixture is brought into a boiling state at home and hot filtered through cheesecloth.
Tincture from acute diseases of the stomach is ready.
Application inside

Drink freshly infusion in case of gastritis be 25 - 35 droplets of previously mixing it with milk or some water, three times a day, one hour before use. The duration of the full course of treatment is 20 days.

application For the treatment of skin lesions, use of gauze or bandage. They applied the ointment itself, after which it covers the desired position and fixed in that position for a few hours. Every 3 - 4 hours it is necessary to do the dressing change itself with ointment own hands. It is worth noting that the recipe remains practically unchanged when oil replaced the olive. Although the features of its use will be wider.

Recipe №2 ointment olive oil
To make propolis in olive oil, it is necessary to adhere to the same recipe. Mix them in the right proportions, it is necessary to heat the mixture on a water bath, and then filter it through the bandage or gauze.

Application inside
Treatment of propolis oil, as many know, is a long-proven method of getting rid of disease. If cough concerned is received only half teaspoon ointment, but three times a day. When coughing is peculiar paroxysmal in nature, propolis mixture should be kept in the mouth until resorption.

External application

In the case of rhinitis the mucous membranes should be carefully handle the ointment with bee glue and olive oil, but to smear the nose so intense, however there is a possibility.

In the case of cold virus infections propolisovoe oil - the most loyal assistant. But it is necessary to use not only during epidemics to avoid diseases. The half a teaspoon a day, for a month, provide health immunity to colds & lt;. Diseases
Recipe №3 ointment of butter and egg yolks
Of particular importance are hair bee products, especially honey and propolis, as well as egg yolk. However, you want to mix them strictly according to the recipe.

propolisnoe butter (cream, preferably on the basis of sea-buckthorn) - tablespoon;
egg yolk - 1 pc .;
teaspoon lemon juice;
honey (optional, but it is better to add) - 1 tablespoon
. Preparation
All of these components are mixed with your hands until smooth.
Apply the mixture evenly cooked propolisnoe hair, but after the head is cleaned.
Such ointment is desirable to cover the cellophane cap and rinse only warm some water.
Sometimes diversify the composition of the wax, however, an element capable of greatly thickening the mixture, once cooled. This makes the process much more complicated flushing ointment. Because the wax is only used on their own.

Recipe №4 Ointment from vegetable oil
you can cook another great recipe at home. The resulting Propolis ointment, alas, is not suitable for oral use, but copes with external wounds.

20 g of crushed propolis;
95 g of vegetable oil
In order to make a quality product for the water bath used crockery. It is worth and heat the mixture of both components for half an hour. As in other recipes, such liquid should be filtered by a heavy precipitate. The prepared substance can be safely applied to the bandage as soon as it cools down a little.

Recipe №5 ointment
sea buckthorn oil If you have all the necessary ingredients, it is possible by simple preparations to make an excellent remedy for burns. It nourishes the skin with moisture, disinfects the wound, and at the same time speeds up the regeneration of tissues. The recipe is fairly primitive.

olive oil - 100 g;
crumbled into flour propolis (it is desirable that there was no wax) - 15 - 20 g
The principle of the preparation of the ointment is no different from the conventional system. Olive extract is poured into a container of powdered bee glue.
Properly prepare the mixture will turn only when warming it in a water bath for half an hour - forty minutes
. Open fire is very harmful for her.
At the end, be sure to drain through two, and preferably three layers of gauze or a bandage.
Resulting in the ordinary conditions of the substance on the basis of the olive can be applied directly to the burn. But it is not very much and pleasant feeling. Therefore it is better to cool the fresh mixture and apply it on the bandage, and not to the wound.

Recipe №6 ointment of oil and wax
Extensive features for medicinal purposes has yet another product based on the amazing products that bees do. Prepare an ointment of them can be, having the following components.

propolisnoe oil (preferably olive oil, sea buckthorn or butter) - 120 - 140 g;
boiled chicken egg yolk - 1 pc .;
wax - '25
All ingredients should be thoroughly milled, including wax, and mixed.
Bask they should be put only on a water bath for twenty minutes, with no boiled not use!
As usual, at the end of cooking the mixture is necessary to filter through the bandage or gauze and cool.
In such a mixture with a wax antibacterial properties are surprising and powerful antiinflammatory effect. It is used to treat a variety of diseases, but the greatest efficiency funds proved to viral infections and lesions of the skin.


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