How useful cockroaches

Scientists were quick to disappoint those who hate cockroaches, it turns out, these insects are of great benefit to our planet. Despite the fact that many cockroaches is associated with filth and unhygienic conditions, biologists have found that these insects are important for the survival of the Earth's ecosystem is very fragile. According srin Kambampati, Professor and Chair of the Faculty of Biology at the University of Texas at Tyler, the disappearance of cockroaches would lead to disruption of the nitrogen cycle in nature. The professor explained that "most of the cockroaches feed on decaying organic matter, which contain a lot of nitrogen." Thus, cockroaches help "liberate the nitrogen (in stool) which is then incorporated into the soil and plants used" as a natural fertilizer. The scientist said: "In other words, the disappearance of cockroaches very strong impact in a negative way on the state of the world's forests, and therefore indirectly on all types of organisms that live in themĀ» .

The professor also stressed that the world population of between 5 and 10 thousand species of cockroaches, which are also an important source of food for many birds and small mammals such as mice and rats. In turn, these predators are themselves prey for other animals, such as cats, coyotes, wolves and reptiles, as well as eagles and other birds of prey. That is why the disappearance of cockroaches will lead to a cascade effect that will appear on the welfare of all of these species, which ultimately could have a devastating impact on wildlife around the world. American expert hastened to reassure everyone, noted in his report that, despite the fact that the number of cockroaches in the world in recent years has decreased dramatically until complete extinction they are not threatened.

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