Some people do not want to live the same way as all their cockroaches in my head just reached unimaginable proportions. People create their own world and quietly and happily live in it. I invite you to learn about the life of 10 stories of strange people.

A person who loves to live with cockroaches.

Unlike many people, Kyle Kandilian, a student from Dearborn, Michigan, is not only not afraid of cockroaches, but also lives in the same house with tens of thousands of these insects. According to his estimates, currently lives in his home 200 thousand cockroaches.

20-year-old man collects and breeds cockroaches for fun and profit. Apparently, this unusual hobby helps him pay for university studies.

He has cockroaches of all kinds: from small penny to a dozen huge cockroaches, rhinoceroses, which can live up to 15 years, at $ 200 apiece. Kyle lot of customers, some of whom are people with pets that eat cockroaches, and universities buying insects for research.

Kyle is his love cockroaches, but for his parents insects become a significant problem. One day, about four or five in the morning, Kyle woke his mother. She took him to the bathroom, pointed to the hissing cockroach must have a rest on the roll of toilet paper, and said: "Kyle, we need to stop it».

The room is filled with boxes of a young man with the colonies of cockroaches - in general, he raised about 130-year-species. He has been breeding these insects for eight years and still crazy about his hobby.

A woman living in the "Victorian era»

Sarah Chrisman never dreamed of wearing a corset, but after her husband gave her this article of clothing on her 29th birthday, her life changed completely. Corset inspired her to dress like a woman of the Victorian era, and since then it has become extremely worn such clothes.

Currently, she and her husband Gabriel try to follow the Victorian way of life, as far as possible in the modern world.

Every day Sarah wash basin and using a jug, himself personally sews all the clothing made of natural fabrics, does not drive and uses oil lamps instead of electric. Their house in Port Townsend, Washington, too, is decorated in Victorian style. When it comes to cooking, Sarah uses the recipe book the XIX-th century. So far, the storage of food they have to use the refrigerator, but soon the couple are hoping to replace it with a box of ice.

A man who lives like a dog.

Gary Matthews, a former engineer and self-confessed "nerd", thinks he's a dog called Boomer. 48-year-old wears a collar, eating from a dog bowl of dog food - by the way, prefers «Pedigree» - and loves milk bones and dog biscuits. He even barking, chasing cars and burying bones in the backyard, like any dog.

Sleeping man in the booth, where, according to him, much more comfortable than in a human bed. The decision to become a dog who lives in Pennsylvania Boomer took as a child after watching the popular TV series «Here's Boomer». The series told the story of a stray dog ​​named Boomer, who has traveled the world and help people in trouble. Soon Matthews became interested in dogs and hobby eventually turned into an obsession.

There are other people like Boomer, identifying themselves with a variety of animals - they call themselves furries. This subculture first appeared in the US in the 1980s. Furry consider themselves anthropomorphic animals with human characteristics, such as high intelligence, the ability to speak, walk on two legs and express emotions on his face. For most of them dressing up in animal costumes - just a hobby, but Boomer had fallen to the extreme and began to thoroughly follow the canine lifestyle.

A woman from North Carolina, lived in the unit for artificial respiration during the 61-year.

March Mason was an extraordinary person: she spent more than 60 years of his life in a mobile apparatus for artificial respiration. She had to resort to this after completely paralyzed her childhood polio. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, Martha lived a full life, she graduated from high school and college with honors, arrange dinners and even published a book called "Life in the rhythm of artificial respiration," which wrote about the challenges and joys of my life. She - the only one on our list, which is a life for themselves wanted, but the circumstances were stronger.

March was born May 31, 1937-the year in Lattimore, a small town 50 miles from Charlotte. She was paralyzed at age 11, and before the disease killed her brother Gaston. After his funeral in March she realized that she observed the same symptoms, but kept his fears to himself, so as not to disturb the parents.

However, she soon discovered that if she wanted to live, she needed a respirator. This device helps paralyzed people to breathe, reducing and increasing the air pressure inside a large iron pot.

In this "aquarium" Miss Mason has lived almost all his life. Doctors told the parents to pick up Martha's daughter home and try to make her life happy, since more than a year, it will not last, but Martha has gone through both of them due curiosity and the desire to live.

The man spent the last 26 years of his life traveling the world with a giant crucifix on his shoulder to talk to people about Jesus.

60-year-old Lindsay Hamon has spent the last 26 years of his life, carrying a giant cross on his back. He travels around the world and talks about Jesus to everyone who is willing to listen to him. He literally carried the faith on the shoulders of the 19 countries, including New Zealand, Romania, India and Sri Lanka. During his journey, he saw a lot of strange, but once faced with brutality. Despite the fact that in Bangladesh, he was shot and kicked in Rome with St. Peter's Square, Hamon has no plans to stop.

Jamon hoisted on the shoulders of the cross in 1987 and since then has rarely resigned him off. The cross is made of cedar wood, its height - more than 3, 5 meters and the width - 1, 8 meters. To attach the wheel base of the cross, to make it easier to wear, and a man wearing a cross on 12 hours a day, often without having the slightest idea where he will spend the night.

The father of two children and part-time social worker receives donations from supporters who help him to remain committed to its role as a Christian evangelist. However, he is often forced to return to his hometown of Cornwall, to work and pay the bills of their family.

Healthy woman living as a man, whose body was paralyzed from the waist down, and dreams of becoming disabled

Being confined to a wheelchair for life for most people - hell, but not for Chloe Jennings-White, a 57-year-old chemist from Salt Lake City, Utah: it has an unnatural desire for paraplegic.

Chloe lives of persons with disabilities: she uses a wheelchair and wears long locks that do not allow her to bend your knees so that she could walk with crutches. But when you have to go up or down the stairs, she just gets up, takes clamps and walks like a normal person. Like most of paralyzed people, she loves leisure - though extreme. She makes the 12-hour trek into the forest and climbs to the mountain tops - again, like a normal person.

Physically Chloe Jennings is healthy, but in 2008, doctors diagnosed her violation of the integrity of the perception of the body (NTSVT) - serious mental disorder that causes a person to believe that he would be much happier if one or more limbs he would have amputated or paralyzed. To prevent attempts Chloe hurt his back, and thereby cause paralysis, doctors 'prescribed' s wheelchair and locks. Most of the time she spends as a person suffering from paralysis, but admits that she would like it to be true.

Chloe says that receives angry letters from people really suffering from paralysis, but they can not fully understand her condition. Using a wheelchair, despite the ability to move normally, in fact, saves her from self-inflicted damage.

The woman, who lives with her husband and her lover under the same roof.

When the mother of two children Bitski Maria left her husband Paul to another man, she did not realize how much she will be missed. At the same time, she could not imagine life without a new lover - Peter Gruman.

So when the two men struck up a friendship, Maria came up with the original decision, and Peter moved to the house of her family in Barkin, East London. Now the 33-year-old Maria, a 37-year-old Paul, 36-year-old Peter, 16-year-old Laura and 12-year-old Amy live as one big happy family.

Mary claims that three of them had not slept together. Although she maintains sexual relations with both men, they nevertheless remain very personal. She also said that in such a life together has huge advantages: children comprise just three adults who are able to help them with homework or give pocket money. On the financial side it is also beneficial - all the bills are divided into three equal parts.

The family lives in 1986.

If you ever need to know who was the Prime Minister of the United States in 1960, and you are willing to wait for a response ten minutes, then you should turn to Blair McMillan - it will take an old encyclopedia and find the answer. Are you wondering why the 26-year-old father of two children just can not see it on the internet? He and his 27-year-old friend Morgan live as if the yard in 1986-th year.

They do so because their children - two-year and five-year Trey Denton - then will not look to your iPhone or iPad, and to drive the ball in the yard. Therefore, in their house I have no technique, which appeared in the world after 1986 years.

They do not have computers, coffee machines, smart phones, the Internet, and they bring up their children just as they themselves were brought up by their parents. They pay no bills online, but personally visiting the bank. More they buy a film camera for $ 20 and pictures of sons on the old camera, although cost the smartphone would be cheaper.

They recently traveled to the United States and used paper maps and crying children entertained with coloring books and books with stickers, and tried not to let the children saw portable TV screens in the adjacent cars. The only exception to their way of life is a brand new car 2010 Kia - only without GPS.

A woman who has 700 cats.

Line Lattentsio always wanted to have a cat when I was little, but his mother is not allowed to keep animals at home. So now she lives alone with hundreds of cats on their spacious plot of 12 acres in Parlier, Calif.

Line start saving cats immediately after the divorce in 1981, and took care of almost 19,000 felines. However, she insists that she is not crazy, and her mission is building out the rescued cats and kittens in permanent homes and preventing increase in animal population through spaying and neutering.

Now she lives in the care of nearly 700 cats and 15 dogs. Line survives through donations and grants.

The woman lives with dozens of false widows

People are usually afraid of spiders, but one woman, Jay Reich, is desperately trying to collect the poisonous spiders, and even said that he wants a spider has bitten her - so she can prove that they are harmless.

Jay lives in Bracknell. At present, it has three adult charge of a special kind "Black Widow" and ten pups.

Female, mother spiderlings, Jay named Silla. She argues that the Silla - very affectionate animal. The recent panic that arose due to the publicity of her life, and the closing of school for fear of infection, very angry 26-year-old woman. In her opinion, if next to the school found a hornet's nest, no one thought it would be close.



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