How to get rid of the constant fatigue and start living

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Constant fatigue? Laziness? Depression? Tired? Too lazy to work? Pour coffee and a shove "Snickers"! You can not relax? Stress? Buhnem, smoke, empty the fridge! Simple solutions. All their love.

It is a pity that after 2-3 months, you're turning into a vegetable, in a lifeless log. Lying on the couch, staring at the telemusoroprovod. Depression. Apathy. No strength. But you are not alone. Such millions. The whole nation is tired of people.

So what? We are doomed? No, all of us will help Energy Management! It does not promise quick solutions. But it works. In this article you will learn how.

All estU modern man everything. To use a computer, Internet, car. For sports there is a running track in the yard, a folding treadmill under the bed and an annual subscription to a fitness center. Family happiness has a wife, a child, an apartment and a summer residence. All there.

All znaemMy all know. What to do exercises in the morning. What should I watch less TV and read more books. What should my daughter smile and nice trinkets to give to his wife. We all know.

But we do not do a damn! Yeah. Although there is, lying. Traditionally, once a year, people are trying to change. He buys new shoes, gets up at 6 am, takes a cold shower and go to the stadium. This "enthusiasm" is usually enough for 2-5 days. Well, nothing in 363 days once again try to ... The problem is not in the power of the will. Resource little willpower. And what's the problem?

We lack energiiEnergii? What more energy? When the machine does not have enough energy, we fill petrol. What should I eat to get energy? Energy management - this is not about calories. It's about 4 types of energy. The lower the level, the more important it is for our productivity.

1. Physical energiyaPodrobny plan. Time management. Major Prize. The expectations of the people. All this is great motivation to work. But it does not matter if you have not slept for two days. Or you're drunk as a lord. Or do you have a severe headache.

Yeah, I caught up with horror. But just to show that if you have a problem with the physical energy - everything else is unimportant. You are doomed to failure.

< How to restore physical energy?

Exercise. But just the fact that you really like. For example, in my case, this is football, and hiking. And there's still tennis, running, swimming, biking. Go to sleep at night. Not less than 7 hours. I also recommend a short nap. It is a plague - like living two full days instead of one Eat right!. Here everything is clear. Sweet, fat, flour, identical to natural (yeah, one to one chat!). Avoid coffee and alcohol. My sore subject - coffee. In the morning you drink coffee - evening power at zero. Or do you not? , Cap! Yes, I - Cap. Have you been waiting for trigonometric equations?

2. Emotional energy is the same situation. We have everything. We slept well, we had a great feel ourselves, we have nothing hurts. But you're just creepy fight. With best friend. Almost before the fight. You called him an idiot, his wife - a dumb blonde, and his son - an ugly fat man. He did not remain in debt. You all simmer. As you hit the adrenaline.
Will you be able to work? Yes, in fits and starts. Under the scheme of "work 1 minute - 10 minutes thinking about a quarrel»

. Or consider the reverse situation. For example, you just called the chief and warmly praised your work. It's quite another thing! Work begins to argue. Hands do fly over the keyboard (or what you are there for a living?)

< Fun, challenge, adventure, opportunity -. They restore our emotional energy. Anger, resentment, anger - take it

3.. Mental energiyaEto ability to concentrate, creativity, time management and planning.

Problems with mental energy? You can work, but somehow.

Chess, books, music lessons, painting and meditation instead of stultifying work, computer and shooters of sitting in social networks

And still:. Zomboyaschik discard! It destroys your brain. Well, or at least to pull out by the roots the antenna.

4. Spiritual energiyaZachem you live? Why do you work in this job? Where you will what you are doing now? People can spend years spinning like a squirrel in a cage, not thinking about these things.

Work - possible. To achieve great results - no

How to recharge: put big goals, engage in charity and other good and necessary things

Pulse zhizniOdno of the key concepts Energy management... Alternating load and rest: worked - rest - worked - rest.

When problems arise? When a man, fascinated, starts to give out: worked - worked - worked - drunk a liter of coffee - worked

Alternation is necessary:.

Within day (see, for example, the Pomodoro technique). during the day (night's sleep, naps). during the week (weekends). during the year (holiday). not go too far! Include rest periods into your daily

Energy biceps can nakachatVy also know that big biceps -. It is not only training, but also a good rest? Muscles need time to recover, but after that they become more and hardier.

Just work and our "warehouse" of energy. If alternate work and restoration if gradually increase the load - they begin to grow

. We all met people like: cheerful, purposeful infecting others with his energy. And at the same time productive. Who are they? How they achieved this?
It's just people with great energy "banks." Although, of course, can not be completely ruled out the version about aliens.

So, where to start? Start with awareness.

If you study the theory of Energy Management, it will not make you a hare-energizers, but you at least stop going to extremes. You will no longer nazhiratsya, will not have to sacrifice sleep, will not pour a liter of coffee.
And if they will, at least, will not whine about "the years take their toll" and "power are not the same».

ItogiHvatit whining! Stop moaning and sighing!
You - not a vegetable! You - the person
! Your possibilities are endless. You just do not have enough energy.

And now you know where to get it.

Author: Farid Karimov
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