10 most common causes of constant fatigue and effective ways of dealing with them

Most people in the modern world are far wrong way of life. Many do not follow the diet, eating too much fat and flour, do not control enough of the liquid consumed during the day and move a little and sleep, but a lot nervous. All this has a negative impact on human health, in consequence of which comes the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome. To break this vicious circle and feel you can learn about the most common causes of fatigue and ways to combat it.

You're missing a workout when tired

It is understandable, but not a single University (as the University of Georgia, for example) have conducted studies that showed the vile thing. In order for the body to feel good, it is necessary to tire even more. Yes, life is unfair. But according to studies, people who did light exercise three times a week for 20 minutes, testified about the improvement of health. The cardiovascular system becomes stronger, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.

You drink not enough water

Even mild dehydration of 2% leads to a decrease in blood volume and thickening. This makes the heart less effective, reducing the rate at which it pumps oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and organs. So go to the kitchen, pour yourself a Cup.

You make mountains out of molehills

You're too scared to ride a bike, because I see how you get in a crash. Are you worried about an extraordinary call from the boss and expect that now you get fired. In your head you can see always the worst-case scenario, and this is the path to emotional exhaustion, Komrad. Get yourself a distracting hobby. There's meditation, playing sports, riding a bike (sorry).

You don't consume enough iron

Iron deficiency is responsible for your favorite a sense of lethargy, irritability, weakness and inability to focus. Come on iron, to prevent the risk of anemia: eat beef, beans, tofu, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, and combine them with foods containing vitamin C, as they improve the absorption of iron.

Are you a perfectionist

Love to lie in bed after twelve and check your work email? Or fiddle with the documents in your vacation? Drop it. You strive to be perfect, which is impossible in the root. Set a limit on the time devoted to the business, otherwise it may have a bad ending.

You do not eat Breakfast

Do I need to tell again that the first meal of the day provides the body with "fuel"? Needless to say that for Breakfast you need to eat whole grains, proteinaceous products, and healthy fats? You're so smart/clever boy/girl.

You can't say "no"

And I hate myself for it. Anger and resentment at people who use it, accumulate over time, and this is very similar to the depletion of point number 5. It is necessary to solve something, friend.

Do you like to drink another before bed

A glass of wine before bed sounds like a good way to relax, but if it becomes a system, the consequences can be not the most pleasant. Alcohol has on the nervous system sedative effect, put simply, it "inhibits" it. But during sleep, it has the opposite effect, as somewhere in the middle of the night in the body there is a surge of adrenaline. So it is better to postpone the alcohol at least three to four hours before bedtime.

You love to get up later on weekends

We love, but we were all not justified. To be awake at night on a Saturday or Sunday, and then sleep for half a day is a bad idea. Or try to normalize the graph, or to get up in the output at the normal time, and in the afternoon to take a NAP for half an hour. 20-minute NAP allows the body to recover, while not plunging into a deep stage of sleep, which then provoke the feeling of fatigue.

You're malnourished and dependent on caffeine

Foods overloaded with sugar and simple carbohydrates affect the way jump blood sugar. And standing jumps sugar throughout the day, leading to further fatigue. So keep this figure in norm. Caffeine does a body similar thing, only in their own way.

Source: 4tololo.ru


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