Chronic fatigue syndrome - what it is and how to fight it

If You are constantly feeling tired even after rest feeling down and weak, most likely You caught a chronic fatigue syndrome.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex disease, the etiology of which is still studied by specialists in various fields of medicine and psychology.

Some believe that the basis of chronic fatigue are viral infection: infectious mononucleosis (Epstein-Bar), herpes, cytomegalovirus.

Others argue that the cause of chronic fatigue is a malfunction of the nervous system caused by infection, but is genetically transmitted.

Still others believe that the cause is a poor environment and the frantic pace of life.

In this regard, it can be concluded that chronic fatigue syndrome compromises the immune, endocrine and mental systems, and cause disorders are a complex of factors (stress, physical, infectious).

The paradox of this syndrome that is relatively healthy person suddenly begins to experience fatigue and weakness. The disease may be accompanied by reduced or slightly elevated temperatures. Thus it becomes impossible to do all the things that previously caused no difficulties. Drowsiness and unwillingness to do anything become daily companions, and at night Vice versa insomnia. With physical ailments there is irritability, apathy, mood swings, reduced levels of attention and memory. Many entertain the hope that soon all change, and not go to the experts. The running state is fraught with serious depression, which is treated in a hospital psychiatric units.
The main symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome:
  • persistent fatigue, even after rest
  • decreased performance
Secondary signs of chronic fatigue syndrome:
  • fever with a temperature of 35 or 37.
  • muscle weakness
  • pain in joints and muscles
  • apathy
  • forgetfulness
  • irritability
  • the decrease in intellectual abilities
  • impaired vision (spots before the eyes)
  • sleep disturbance (usually insomnia)
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • sore and sore throat
  • periodic headache

If You experience signs of chronic fatigue syndrome and they last more than six months, you must pass all the tests and call the therapist and the therapist. Since the exact criteria of this disease are absent, the diagnosis is made by exclusion of other diseases.
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