How to deal with chronic fatigue: specific recommendations

In this article, it is more convenient to use the eastern model. Western psychology says the same thing, but more scientific language, it has less of metaphors. And most importantly, in the western psychology is still no coherent and comprehensive concept - just a set of individual schools, doctrines, theories that work well in some cases, worse - in others, but do not pretend to explain why everything happens exactly as is happening . In the east the same model, at least, problem-solving techniques tested by the centuries-old practice.

What is fatigue?

Oriental teachings considered man primarily as a power object. Clear definition of energy is still no one came up, but everyone intuitively understands what it is about - about some of concentrated power, the possibility of


In the case of a person can be considered different types of energy:

mystical, divine,
other within the fantasy.

In fact, it is just a form, which can remain "energy in general." Note that the energy associated with something that is either there or not, and can be stored - is fundamentally wrong. Rather, it will approach the association with the flow of water power or electricity - the greater the flow, and the higher the rate of its flow, the correspondingly greater energy it

. Now about fatigue. Fatigue - this is when there is no power, no energy for anything more. It can also be divided into physical, mental (indifference - that is, there is no power to perceive the world), even some

. But when there is full of energy - it is the state of non-life, a corpse. The same tired, which will be discussed - this is when there is no (or very little) free energy, that is, one that can be spent on something over and above the minimum biological functions of the body

. Where does the chronic fatigue?

Everyone is more or less healthy person usually has sufficient energy for normal life (life, not survival). But sometimes something happens and the man discovers that his forces are exhausted. It would be normal if it were an ancient old man. But now it happens even with teenagers.

What is going on?

The ancients had a very beautiful metaphor - working water mill. When all is well, the reservoir water a lot, it turns the wheel properly. Miller could even put some different wheels. But there may come a drought. Or break the dam. Or in the dam will be small gaps, outwardly invisible, but devastating. Or miller became interested in different types of wheels, set them more than they should - and it simply is not enough water for all. Or is greedy miller, all dam the river, remove all the wheels ... All this leads to the "exhaustion" of the mill.

With regard to human life fatigue is improper disposal of energy. Or missing its tributary. Or she spent inappropriately. Typically, these changes will not happen overnight - but accumulate over a lifetime. Now the process is much faster, thanks to the bad environment, as well as a massive lack of mental culture, which leads to a vast bouquet of psychosomatic diseases.

If you change the global external environment, you can not, at least, to bring order in your life you are quite capable. To do this, not necessarily bump into some exotic religion - just enough to bring into your life a little awareness, to decide for himself what you need in life, and that - no

. Energy sources

The main source of energy for the physical person is the food. On this subject, there are many theories, arguing among themselves about the dangers and utility of this or that.

You can try different options, but not be limited to a single system of dogmas. Food should be fun and not hurt. First proven by numerous experiments - even if a person eats food sverhpoleznuyu disgust, it is simply not absorbed. As for the "no harm" also seems to be clear - hardly anyone would consciously have an obvious poison. The only knowledge of this aspect basically not enough, and an instinctive understanding of the lost, thanks to the numerous chemical additives and advertising.

And another important thing - there are no good or bad food "in general, for each and every one" again, except for a frank poison

. Something useful worker. Something - a scientist. Something - a child. Something - a nursing woman. Something - an old man in a wheelchair. This is due to a variety of vitamin and mineral composition as well as the fact that each is necessary not just energy, but also the energy is in its specific forms - because consciously transform, alas, almost no one knows how

. Thus, workers need a rough, physical energy. And usually it has a sufficient supply of it for the digestion of heavy foods - fried meat, for example. He also has an intense metabolism, and withdraw certain number of toxins from the body - no problem

. Another matter - a scientist, a man, "running head". Him as a power more appropriate honey, nuts and fruits -. It is to maintain mental disability and easy digestion

The child also needs other than energy and building material for the body - so it is a menu should be varied and contain no harmful substances, which can be embedded in the structure of the body

. Now the Internet has lots of information about these or other food products, and it is no problem to make for themselves the best menu - taking into account their own energy needs

. In addition to physical energy, a person needs it and other species. This is the sphere of art, literature, relationships (and between people and animals, plants, nature). Here, perhaps, is the most important setting - on perception rather than action

. A good way to "recharge" - just sit on the beach or anywhere else in nature. Just take a piece of this world. In fact, it is not so much charging as restoring order in their own "pantries" that modern man is more important - it was due to the disorder of the internal structure, and there is a large part of psychosomatic illnesses (as recent developments show that almost all diseases have precisely this nature).

Energy consumption: useful and not very

What people in life waste energy? Yes, all in a row! Only someone squanders it, and someone invests, and she returned to it many times multiplied.

What you need to act on the second version?

First, plug all the holes. That is not to do what leads to chronic fatigue, that only takes energy, and no benefit - either now or in the future. The "benefits" - this is not necessarily something material. This may be just the realization that the right thing (did something good for the loved one, for example), and just something of the necessary actions.

The criterion is very simple - if you can not clearly explain even imagine why you this - it means that this action is useless for you personally. Hence, it is not necessary to do so.

As the most typical examples:

long conversations "about nothing" without spiritual contact, different ways to "kill time" (just think about the very semantics - is something bad blows),
"Hovering" (like 2 hours already busy affair, and still nothing has been done).

The latter can be given a little more attention.

This condition usually happens when you try to do something by force, against the wishes of - or simply do not have energy for the desired action. Continue in the same spirit - the worst thing you can do in this situation. Even if you do the job, the quality still leaves much to be desired, and whether it is necessary for you - at this price

? Once again reconsider - and it is sure to do just now? If necessary, you can try to complete at a normal pace - just remembering what it should be, or, in extreme cases, just to quickly get rid

. If this motivation is not enough, you can try a more powerful way to fight against laziness. Just sit or stand in the middle of the room, until there is a desire to do exactly what you need. An important point - do not try to do something else. Just wait until you're ready.

Another aspect of energy - strategic. This is when you need to make a little effort is now in order to avoid the need to apply them later.

This aspect is best understood through examples from the financial sector - the money, too, they are of a kind, "energy". Accordingly, it is clear to everyone that it is better to buy an expensive car, which for a while does not need repairs, and which is economical with respect to consumables - not cheap, but requires constant repairs. It is also clear that it is cheaper to make a normal bathroom floor but deliver quality plumbing - than to pay for the repair flooded neighbors

. But for some reason when it comes to the actual person, such an understanding is lost. Already obvious that it is better to sufficiently relax today and tomorrow, and the day after, and not wait for the need to see a doctor.

The mental health problems - especially. Man does not want to (or can not) deal with problems of this kind - and so just trying to live as if it does not have problems. For a while, it really is possible to ....

If the action of that spending power "to nowhere", you just need to give up the strategic spending is not so simple. The main thing that may help - knowledge about yourself and the world, making it possible to recognize a future problem in the bud and to assess the probability of such an outcome is - to not be like "Clever Else" from a fairy tale

. If the human energy balance near zero, it is possible to defer action on this aspect - but only for a third type of energy

. Thus, the third type - it's when you get more than you spend. In fact, if all is well, if the fatigue of the question, it is the cost of this type and should be human activities. This communication with interesting people - when both parties have a powerful energy charge, and creativity, and any meaningful activity that brings satisfaction that by "I did it, now it is" (and not "I finally did it, how I tired "). This is what I want to do. This is where life - like a game, not a burden

. For example, we can see how little children play:

if the game is not interesting - the child simply finds another,
if tired - peredohnet, and will continue. But do not be mechanically continue the same action "simply because we need».

It all has a reason - though it is sometimes difficult for adults to understand, because it is in the child's world context

. On the theory and general principles clear. There were specific recommendations.

Most likely, this article is of interest to those who are already experiencing chronic fatigue. Well, there is a way out even from such states (of course, it's easier to not get).

Not necessarily to do everything at once - and does not work, most likely. You do not instantly appeared at such a low energy level - is not instantaneous, and will be selected (but still much faster - because now you know where to go)

. First of all - all you need to decide on what to do at least something. Actually, you can "just try it - it is not exactly the worst happens." You can "play a new game - and suddenly like" ... Again, everyone - his own

. So, to get rid of chronic fatigue should be:

1. To take it a rule at least half an hour a day to give the analysis of the previous day in search of the "energy holes", that is a waste of resources. Think about how you could avoid it. The next time you try to get out of this situation as soon as noticed.

2. Stop unnecessary conversation (the source, deep down, even grateful to be - most likely, he feels that something is wrong, and that it is - does not understand)

. 3. Either drop the case or make it - but do not hang between these two poles. In general, try not to leave unfinished affairs "to ever". Or clearly define the term (although it is better to finish), or just agree with the fact that it never will be done by you (in practice anyway and will, but also add a lot of "like and was not able to" experience).

4. Add in his life elements of the game - it will also help in the fight against chronic fatigue. Do whatever you are doing - playing with a sense of the process. Think about what you are doing now, be "here and now" - and power will take is not clear where. You can also try some psychological (or mystical) practices - the Internet is full of them. Just do not give it too serious in nature - it's just another game that is worth playing, but if you like the game itself (and not for the "prize" looming)

. 5. Get familiar with your body - the main energy reservoir. Sign up for a yoga or fitness, or simply start to run - here already who and what more like it. To start still better sessions in the hall (or with an instructor), and paid in advance - this will be an additional incentive and support

. And remember - it is necessary to hold a total of 21 days, as a new lifestyle will become a habit. On the resulting base you can build the next level - even less excess, more games, more powerful flow of energy ... And there is no limit, except for the fact that you yourself set
. Author: Nina Selezneva


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