The syndrome of chronic nonsense

Arriving at work, they notice that even the simplest tasks require them to limit stress. Night these people are sitting in front of the TV, randomly switching channels, because unable to concentrate on one thing. And at night, surprisingly, they are struggling with insomnia – despite the fact that by the end of the day, literally exhausted.

"Chronic fatigue syndrome" is one of the youngest "diseases of civilization", but she has managed to reach more than 2% of the earth's population, and according to the doctors in 50 years, this figure may reach 20%. Doctors do not like to put such a diagnosis.

And they can understand that CFS is often masked other, more serious diseases, the initial symptoms are similar to manifestations of this syndrome. But in recent years more and more "yuppie flu" can be found in pure form. As a rule, more exposed to it workaholics and creative nature, but suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome may be a housewife.


Trying to get to the causes of this disease, doctors have created many theories. Virus? Problems in the immune system? Deficiency of a trace element? A lot of versions, and they all look quite convincing. But often dismiss another possible cause of chronic fatigue syndrome – the lack of meaning of life.

When you get tired of yourself

In today's world to be successful, fashionable, and happiness, it would seem, should be included in this kit. But sometimes it forget to put. Because ready-made recipes "of happiness and quick cooking," no. No matter how we tried to convince them that smiling photo with dozens of "likes" in the social network and the ten times repeated in front of the mirror, the phrase "I am the best" can somehow make us truly happier.


Psychologists are increasingly convinced that people suffering from chronic fatigue, really tired from work and not heavy routine, and the fact that we live "not his" life – working at the wrong job and his life with the wrong people. They are afraid to admit it, but the body is not able to be silent and implicitly expresses his displeasure in the simplest physical symptoms: weakness, sleepiness, causeless irritability, decreased performance, sleep disturbances, and in advanced forms of chronic fatigue in the hand shake, the disconnection of speech and a complete inability to concentrate.


Deep down not wanting to waste time and energy on something, people subconsciously deprive myself of both – because of the ability of the body is limitless, creative and self-destructive. The human soul is by nature infinitely active, and the remaining "irrelevant", it starts slow self-destruct mechanism. Chronic fatigue syndrome – it is the cry of our inner self for help, which many try to skip past the ears, because change is much worse than to continue to live by inertia.


And how would a person suffering from CFS, nor claimed that "he's just tired," he'd never admit to actually not tired of busy life, but from its failure to implement it, an incorrect setting priorities, unresolved issues and doesn't say annoying asylum "no." Unlike depression, which usually causes a separate traumatic event (or set of them), chronic fatigue syndrome is a manifestation of the inner, personal crisis.


To get out of low graphics

Psychologists say that chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the most reliable signals that it is time to change your lifestyle. And it's not just in the correct mode, regular exercise and vitamins. Much more important to finally listen to yourself and aware of their real needs.


For example, often the chronic fatigue syndrome affects women who choose a career to the detriment of family life and the possibility of having a child. Or students under pressure from parents enrolled in "my" University. The results of those who listened to him and abruptly changed the course of his life, really impressive – they are able to fully recover in a relatively short time, unlike those who simply performs a purely "physical" recommendations, with the result that they are able to alleviate symptoms of CFS, but not to finally defeat him.

No wonder one of the medical recommendations to cure chronic fatigue syndrome – psychotherapy or conversation with a coach at life goals – all of this helps to look at your priorities and, if necessary, to place them correctly.


And other medical advice – daily walks in the fresh air, preferably in a Park or in the forest certainly has a "double bottom". I think the point here is not only the importance of exercise – when, if not during this promenade, you can finally find the time for a sincere conversation with yourself?


"Chronic fatigue syndrome" is called differently- "divan plague", "disease managers", "yuppie flu" and "masked depression"... But no matter how it is called, one thing is clear – in the world, aggressive people imposing stereotypes and the bright advertising images, people increasingly lose understanding of what is important and necessary in this life. Played in "good fathers" and "hard heads", "universal favorites" and "ideal wives", they forget the text of his own main role.


And then it was chronic fatigue syndrome, in spite of all his unpleasant symptoms, may be just the "tipping point" that will help to look at yourself and understand why you're really here in this world. And that person is really like, strength will come by themselves.published


Author: Natalia Makoni


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