Why learning "old way" will no longer work

Considerations A. M. Kondakov about the dependence of education from the printing press at the last stage of the digital technology today has forced me to once again extend the thesaurus meanings of education.

Among the signs of the new entity called diversity, a wide variety of educational strategies and tools, lifelong process instead of the traditional "preparatory phase" in childhood. By themselves, these signs do not provide sufficient reason to fundamentally rethink its values. But I hope many still have the feeling that the significance of education as a social phenomenon has changed.

Need verbal relief and to Express such incident and the changes.


Training vs education

People have always known the world throughout his life, at different stages of rethinking their ideas. Someone is manifested at the household level in the form of the wisdom of life, someone designed them in the form of works of art or philosophical texts. It was something latent, occurring in the normal course of business and did not have a special name. Education as a process meant training, and the training was short-term training for professional activities.


The growth of volumes of information for a successful professional career and to expand it to include the entire population, education became a new field of professional activity. Today, none of the types of activities that would not require extensive knowledge. Moreover, the amount of basic knowledge and skills is steadily increasing, and the period of mastering of special knowledge are also steadily declining.


The inability to master the growing rapidly information flows leads to the manipulation of mass consciousness, the abuse of pseudo-scientific rhetoric scams, and at least false advertising.



What was once a spontaneous expression of everyday consciousness or conscious hobby some intellectuals, is now becoming the need of daily intellectual hygiene. And the state should be interested in the effectiveness and efficiency of this care.

Hence, it should revise the whole system of education, realizing the need to break age boundaries and uniform obsolete templates. Society must itself be constantly converted with maximum efficiency for everyone — and, hence, for all.

Learning is when one teaches the other, and this is only possible when the other wants to learn. This form of education becomes the only one possible.

The traditional scheme of enforced learning before were inefficient, but were relatively successful, while the training played the role of a social Elevator. The less education affects social status, the less effectively enforced training.

Talk about motivation before were theoretical, many teachers still do not know how to work with it, nostalgic for the classical school. You need to understand that return to it no more motivation to learn the old fashioned way.

It is important to understand that education is a personal process, the efficiency of which affects the efficiency of the whole society. What previously could slowly and slowly to develop society-based initiatives some of the most intellectually developed people, today is casual and inclusive. This does not mean that everyone should become a great thinker. This means that each in his place, and to the best of their ability should have the conditions and incentives for ongoing development. This is real education that can no longer be confused with training.


A new situation vs the old model

View of the world we are forming, creating a model. Having the model, we can predict and explain the behavior of the world. The imperfection of the models, leading to the discrepancy of the forecast and the actual behavior of the world is the reason for their improvement.

In order to build the model, we have to combine known elements. A set of elements and their combination — this is the content of education, which shapes our thinking. Projecting the adoption of neuroscientists on the educational plane, our world is our thinking.

Improving thinking, we improve our own world, understanding the world is not something external, but as the active thinking part of something whole.

Education — the improvement of thinking. Information technology (not necessarily digital!) — a way to manipulate models, a tool of thinking.


A conscious rejection of the new information technologies reduces the tools of thinking and the possibilities of improving the world.


Therefore, any attempt to justify the refusal of new technologies destructive. Any technology has its advantages and limitations, which need to master for efficient and productive use.

No new world without a new education. Each, in addition to their own will, engaged in education more or less successfully, more or less effectively.

The public education system is a system of measures for formation of conditions for everyone, not just the Bank training courses, approved and certified distinguished themselves in the personalities of the approved and certified institutions.

Close on the new models — miss new opportunities.

The more complex and varied tasks, the more complicated and diverse the system should be. The system is not only learners, parents, employers, courses and organizations, but also the rules of their relationship. Not can the new situation be resolved the old models: it is contrary to the principle of growing complexity of control the growth of organization and complexity of the world.


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Modern problems is a sign of a protracted conflict between the old education and the new needs of society.


Only good news is that this contradiction is now trying to solve in the world. To find the solution — and that will come. The success of these searches depends on the depth of understanding of the scope and complexity of the task.published


Author: Michael Kushnir


Source: newtonew.com/discussions/changes-in-education


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