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Well, who will talk about how much money was spent on the purchase of a country house or a luxury car, people used not to disclose this information, that there was no envy or other reasons.
Well, when it comes to officials, then in general all the dark-dark.
There is an interesting source that allows you to figure out how to spend money on content of Viktor Yanukovych.
Let's take a look.

The only source of information that allows us to understand how to spend money for the president - "Herald of public procurement". From this it follows that, in 2012, to ensure the viability of Viktor Yanukovych and his clerks state administration, also known as the Darling, and other structures bought on tenders of works, goods and services to the 635 million UAH. Since 2010, these goals have spent 1, 42 billion USD. In comparison, for the maintenance of public service Intelligence Service of Ukraine in 2012 from the state budget spent 531 million UAH.

None of the tender for the construction and reconstruction of the presidential sites was not carried out by open tendering procedure. All bids were carried out on a non-competitive procurement procedure, "one participant." This allows us not to waste time on explanations about the choice of this particular contractor and not to disclose the terms of reference of the tender. After all, just because of this document it becomes clear what kind of work and materials ordered. This allows you to judge the fairness of pricing in each case and the level of luxury on a particular subject. But not in the case of the President.

The amount of the costs, and without that rather big, does not take into consideration the potential benefit of the budget, lost due to the fault of the president and serving its structures. For example, the state could sell four luxury armored "Mercedes" seized by Customs. Instead, the Cabinet gave them free public administration affairs. The state could sell or rent paid 30,000 hectares of hunting grounds near the "Suholuchya" near Kiev and 9000 hectares near Bear Mountain in the Crimea. Instead, reserves were given free for 49 years in the use of "presidential" Hunting and Fishing "Cedar».

Rest in Carpathians. 81, 32 million USD.

Massive reconstruction state residences began soon after the victory of Yanukovych in the presidential election. And far from being improved dilapidated buildings. For example, the residence "Sinogora" in the village of Huta (Ivano-Frankivsk region.) Was built just a decade ago the efforts of the late George Kirpa (Minister of Transport in 2002-2004.).

During the three years of his presidency Yanukovych in the reconstruction of "Sinogory" has invested almost a quarter of a billion hryvnia. Only this year from the state budget spent 30 million USD. on the construction of the so-called "guest house", 24 million USD. - The housing for accompanying persons and another 24 million USD. - The so-called "Gazebo", which actually turned out to be a restaurant that supposedly celebrate a new president in 2013.

Marine leisure. 92, 12 million UAH.

Old fund state residences in the Crimea in the three years required improvements to the 373 million UAH. 11 dachas built in Soviet times, repaired five, which are located in Yalta and Foros. Near them repaired roads, built two helipads. It was in the Crimea Viktor Yanukovych traditionally celebrates its birthday. In 2001 - at the government dacha №3 «Tent", in 2012 - at the government dacha №11 «Dawn».

Apparently, the bulk of construction and repair work is done, because this year for the reconstruction of modest dachas spent 94 million USD. It is curious that this amount of 1, 5 million UAH. was spent on the purchase of equipment for digital television.

In the first two years of his presidency Yanukovych General Directorate of spa facilities in the Crimea State Administration allocated for the resettlement of a much larger amount. Including, for example, 6 million USD. spent on furniture and utensils, 2, 5 million USD. - On the curtains and tablecloths, 500,000 USD. - On sports equipment.


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