Flight on the ball (31 photos)

The words of the author: I'm not going to describe the event in his life. Not planned, not because I did not like it, but just because it has made quite a lasting impression; and a strange sense of euphoria from the splash of adrenaline, excitement and joy puppy is quite difficult to describe and convey ... In general - In a hot air balloon I flew! I do not know how to tell, but surprise, delight and a feeling that you are attached to something magical, a huge and grandiose occurs when you bring on the launch pad and you will see how small shapeless bags for a few minutes before your eyes turn into giant great airships !!! Yes, even all this is accompanied by the emission of huge bundles of bright flame! The fire itself is a magical beast. And then under his power grows and sulking, growing and expanding the huge construction - Shar.


And there comes a time when you're in a bowl filled with warm air off the ground! Strange. But fear not! There is a thrill, delight, joy, all you want, but do not fear! The Earth is moving away and becoming a mother, but a small and slowly swims under you.

Very quickly, within seconds everything becomes small, toy and so fragile. Horizon goes away. I never thought that the winter woods on top of a very visible, full view, naked and defenseless. We see everything: the birds flit from branch to branch, windbreaks, animals and ski trails lone hunter. Nothing is hiding from view bird's-eye view.

A little exciting time (that is, when everything inside is slightly tightened, quickened pulse and hands a little tighter jumped overboard) came when the ball fell, he began to touch the tops of sailing from the bottom of the trees, and the instructor leaned over the side baskets and pulled a pair of cones with the apex hooked us ate.

We climbed higher and the forest becomes very fake, miniature and ghostly. At high altitude balloon is flying much faster.

We flew over the village and again decreased closer to the ground, to homes, land, roads and trees.

When you under the world very differently overcame everything. Power lines, cars, people, fields and rivers - everything else. Small, dreamlike and unreal.

More flew over the channel to them. Moscow. Our pilot said that when the wind speed is a little less, you can go down and break through the ice basket. But we did not get to experience the role of icebreaker. Just swept over the ice cover.

Especially cool that next fly balls as beautiful as the one on which you yourself flying ... Bottom waving people raise dogs barking at your ball, because they do not like the noise a gas burner. You can choose the house of moving under you, that like, you can watch as sedately strolling mothers with strollers, as the machines run. Everything is open your eyes! ALL! The world at your feet! It's freedom! Flight!

Before landing, the instructor picks up the ball again very high. Highly. So that lays the ears and breath away. What a great land. What we humans are tiny.

When priblezhenii to the ground can be seen as a grazing horse, writhing like a small creek.

Then there was the landing. It's hard to describe the feeling of flight, landing. Scary and enthusiastically. I understand why people skydive. Understand why invented bungee.

After landing: fees ball and dedication in balloonists, a beautiful legend, ignition, extinguishing their hair and champagne.

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