CHILDREN OF ADJUSTMENT: What we do in the classroom (36 photos)

I propose to recall what we ourselves entertained in the classroom at school. It is clear that many of you now say: "In the lessons we learned ...". I do not believe :)

Games Notebook

1. The most common and favorite tetrad game of all time has been and remains "Battleship»:

2. Another kind, a nursery, an intellectual game "Hangman»:

One player thinks of a word - writing on paper first and last letter of the word and mark the places for the rest of the letters. Draw a gallows with a noose. The second player offers a letter that may be included in this word. If there is a letter in a word, the first player writes it on the relevant characteristics of the letter - as many times as it is found in the word. If such letters are not, to the gallows in the loop is added to the circle, representing the head. The second player to guess the letters continued until until guess the whole word. For every wrong answer the first player adds one part of the body to the gallows. If the body is painted completely in the gallows, guesser then the player loses, considered hanged. If a player manages to guess a word, he wins, and may propose the word. How much we hung ...

3. Excellent strategic game "points»:

The game is for two people - for you and a neighbor's party. The task - to surround the dots of the same color of the enemy. Opponents take turns putting points on the intersection lines of the sheet in a cage, each a different color. When you create a continuous (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) closed line formed area. If she has a point inside the opponent (in this case may be items that are not occupied by someone else points), this area is considered the environment in which is further prohibited to put an end to any of the players. If the point is not the opponent, the area is free and it is possible to put a point.

4. Classics of the genre - "Tic-Tac-Toe»:

If a lesson much long and tedious, that is another option:


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