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If you set a goal to obtain a residence permit in the US, you should read this article. We will not consider all possible options for moving to the United States, as emigration US legislation is very extensive and includes many exotic ways of obtaining a residence permit. In this article we will look at the 5 main ways of obtaining a residence permit in the United States, a man of moderate means, without large capital investments and relatives in the United States.

Method №1

Win the Green Card

Visa US Department annually played 50,000 visas under the program Green Card. This quota applies to all participating countries. Each country may receive more than 7% of the total number of visas. The probability of winning the green card is not great, because participate in the free lottery take millions of visitors. According to statistics of the US Department of visa, a winning percentage of European countries amounted to 1, 31% in 2014, of which: Ukraine received - 4679 visas, Russia - 4103, Uzbekistan - 4368, Belarus - 1466. The average winning percentage of green cards is 1 in 80 but if you are playing together with his wife (husband), then your chances will increase twice since winning family member has a right to take along a spouse (wife) and children under the age of 21 years. Details on the participation in the lottery Green Card is available here.

№2 method

Work Visa in the US (visa category - H-1B)

America is constantly attracting professionals, especially now staffing the US market on the rise. However, there is one important fact you need to really be an expert, so the US company should choose you as a unique specialist, it is required of them. The company, taking you to work, to prove to the consulate that US citizens do not apply for this position, or can not do the job properly. All financial component paperwork falls on the employer. By law, you can not pay these costs themselves, as prohibited immigrant to pay the costs of legalization on a work visa.

№3 method

Marriage to a US citizen (visa categories - K)

If your marriage happens for love, then of course, you are sure to get a visa, after proving to interview the visa consulate your love for the United States citizen. But if you want to enter into a marriage, we would like to warn you to abandon this questionable method. Firstly, the probability of fraud. Secondly, even if you get to an honest broker, you probably will fall unreliable partner (husband, wife). The fact that the people involved in such "operations" - is very questionable. They may be alcoholics or drug addicts, former prisoners, or just irresponsible people who do not find other ways to earn. The liability of these subjects is very low. If you still take the risk and choose a method of obtaining a residence permit, it can end up being your future partner in life just do not come to the interview, or forget your name in the interview.

The probability of failure is very high for an interview, in addition, it can put an end to your American dream, because according to American law, a violation of this nature is criminal liability. In addition, it is very expensive, the average cost of a marriage will cost you about 25 - 30 thousand dollars. We strongly recommend that you not use this method to obtain a residence permit.

№4 method

a businessman in the US Visa (visa categories - L1)

businessman Visa or intra-translation. If a company employee that you are, has an office in the US, you may be sent to work in the US subsidiary. For example, the Russian company that sells American clothing, ie This company buys clothes in the United States, for its further implementation in the territory of Russia. Such a company may need to man, an employee of the company, which would be in the United States to monitor the quality of the purchased goods. If you have worked long enough in the American representation of this company, you can open the way to get a green card.

№5 method

political asylum in the United States

The inscription on the tablet of the Statue SvobodyDlya many this sounds crazy, but in fact this method is used by many immigrants. It is worth noting that the United States was originally formed as a country of political refugees, even the inscription at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty says, "Give me all tired, all the poor, yearning to breathe the air of freedom." People who have not found their place in Europe, superseded by religion, etc. They came to America. Therefore, the United States initially formed of persecuted people.

According to the US State Department reports on human rights, protection of human rights carried out by the analysis in the former Soviet Union has shown that it is at a critical level, nearly all of the former republics. Violate the electoral law, the right to freedom of expression, persecution on ethnic grounds, the persecution of ethnic minorities, religious minorities, sexual minorities, etc.

Any person, anyway, is a member of a minority. So find a way to prove such prosecution is possible. The only difficulty is to apply for asylum documents, you must be physically located in the United States. Those. initially, you can come to the US for any visa, tourist, visitor, etc. Although the process is quite long, it is very real.

If you are able to apply for refugee status, you will be able to is the United States so long until your issue is resolved. In addition to refugee status, you get a residence permit, as well as quite a significant set of social benefits. Additionally, you will be able to cause me to her husband (wife) and children under the age of 21 years. After staying in the status of a permanent resident of 5 years, you can apply for citizenship.

I hope this information has helped you to understand the real way in the US legalization.


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