A temporary residence permit in Ukraine from immigration

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A temporary residence permit in Ukraine
Registration of temporary residence permit in Ukraine – a fairly simple procedure that can be completed in a couple of her. The main thing is to prepare in advance and gather the necessary documents. In this case, note that the similar certificate it is necessary to change in order to avoid problems with the migration service. In this article we will explain how to exchange or obtain a temporary residence permit and residence permit.

How to get and convert a temporary residence permit?
A temporary residence permit in Ukraine is made in the migration service. After that, you have a few years to use the certificate. On the expiration date must extend its action or to take "POSCO" and leave the country. In order not to violate the letter of the law, it is necessary to exchange the old residence not later than 15 days before the date of completion of the action.
What else can be the reason of exchange of the residence permit:
  • the old document has deteriorated (torn identity or the information on it was erased);
  • theft or loss;
  • change data (name, surname) or a bug in the "paswd".
What are necessary documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine?
  • passport and its copy (with translation into Ukrainian language);
  • the original application (to be completed directly in the migration service);
  • visa with stamps about crossing the border;
  • in the case of an exchange at the expiry of the residence permit;
  • receipt of payment of fees;
  • the proof of the reason of obtaining a residence permit (work, study, etc.).
All copies certified by employees GMSW, and the originals are returned to the foreigner. If "pouca" was either lost or stolen, the recovery period will take about 1 month from the date of the request migration service. Be prepared for the fact that GMS doesn't always change or agrees to obtain a temporary residence permit.
The reasons for the refusal of a residence permit:
  1. A citizen of another country violated the terms of permitted stay on the territory of Ukraine.
  2. The provision of false documents.
  3. The validity of an alien passport has expired.
  4. The registration certificate was not possessing evidence of his authority.
Once the cause of failure will be completely eliminated and you will be able to go back to GMS and re-apply for rehabilitation or a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.


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