If you see a thread on the tie, do not rush to cut it! A very important detail.

< Tie - one of the favorite and most stylish attributes classical menswear
Many people mistakenly believe that it's just a factory marriage. But, if you look in the closet and find a few different neckties, we can see a feature on each of them.

galstukOkazyvaetsya How to wear, is not only an important element of the tie, but also an indicator of its quality. The thing is that the well-known manufacturers of the accessory fulfill the main seam, which is located on the back side of the tie manually!

This stitch is made by a special method of crosslinking. Halves tie specifically connected loosely so that the thread in the seam could easily slide.

This is to ensure that the tie is not deformed due to repeated use. Pull the thread, you can easily return to this kind of a neat piece of clothing!

Your friends will certainly be interesting to see this useful information. And also do not forget to tell them how to tie a tie for 10 seconds.


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