On the history of the tie

How to tie a tie? - Advice Roma Abramovich

Tie complements the image of a modern and successful man. Some representatives of the stronger sex find it a great way to emphasize their individuality, the other at the earliest opportunity to tear off the neck "hated stranglehold" and stuff far away, cursing at the same time its creators.

But be that as it may, tie all pay tribute, as evidenced by the history of its creation and application.

Even in ancient times the Roman legionaries tied scarves around the neck for warmth. After the collapse of the Roman Empire the fashion for neckerchiefs adopted the ancient tribes of modern Romania. From them it passed to Croatia, and then in Paris. Brilliant Louis XIV was mad about all the beautiful and unusual, so this innovation had appealed to him. So an ordinary scarf has become an ornament of the French men's room. It is made from the finest fabrics and lace and tie it was very difficult.

Over time, a man's suit pretentiousness lost, and men's attention shifted to a tie - one of the few parts with which you can express your individuality. There is a whole science of tying a tie, they have even written books. In the seventies of the XIX century appeared ready to tie the factory, and by the end of the century - and clamps for them. However, the option of the tie, which we see today, originated only in the XX century.

How to tie a tie

Simple tie
The node appeared in England in the mid-nineteenth century, the English call it Four-in-Hand. "Four-in-hand" for those who are just learning to tie a tie.

The popular assembly

Popular tie
The most versatile and popular unit - a Half Windsor. "Half Windsor" for the traditional tie width for broad dense and members of the fashion narrow tie. Initially, the node should tie standing in front of a mirror. To learn, you can do it automatically, blindly, and the mirror will be necessary only in order to give the assembly the desired shape, spread, or create the desired fold.

Actual assembly

Actual tie
We call it differently - square, double, Italian. Its western name Christensen. By this simple site for a long time to get used to the Russian. Now node "Christensen" urgent than ever, because the ideal for high fashion (at 4-4, 5 cm.) Collar shirts. This unit is particularly good for "chubby" or the cashmere woolen ties from winter collections. It begins as a Half Windsor, and ends with a double turn of the front.

How to choose a suitable tie
What you need to know a man, choosing a tie? First of all, the colors should be in harmony with the color of suit, shirt, socks and shoes. Put a tie on a hand, if the wide end hangs freely without twisting, it will lie flat when you will tie the knot. The seam on the back side to be moving, not hard - so determined handmade. High quality ties are made of three different pieces, and most "commercial" - two.

The length of the tie should be such that, tied as he covered buckle. The width of the tie depends on the width of the lapels of his jacket. On average, they are from 7 to 9 cm. Knot should be tight, if you like, you can make a fold at the exit of the unit.

It is necessary to be careful when choosing too bright ties with catchy drawings, pictures or strange symbols. The official dress widespread rule is considered dark tie, combined with a light shirt. Anyway, dark tie look very elegant. But do not forget that the tie is better to pick up so that he was on a lighter tone jacket.

This season is very popular burgundy, yellow and gray. Very relevant figure in the large and small cells. Most prized silk, handmade ties of the Italian masters. It looks good synthetic fabric or a silk blend with silk. There are ties of fine wool, cashmere, cotton, linen and viscose. However, the latter quickly lose the form and lose their shape.

How to save the tie and protect it from rapid wear
To tie served for a long time, for it is necessary not only to look good, but also to store. When you shoot a tie, the node need to dissolve the fibers of fabric were not overwound. After that, it should be hung on a hanger, so that he "otviselsya" a few days. Good quality tie does not wash and iron! Stain remover removes his tie or dry cleaning. Well, if you want to smooth out the wrinkles appeared, gently roll up the tie and leave it so overnight. By morning, all the folds straighten. If you decide to walk on his iron by inserting the cardboard template, remember that the fading luster of friction and damage the fibers. After that your tie straight road in the trash.

Choosing a tie, remember that "meet on clothes ...". Well tied tie, coupled with a suit - it's beautiful and stylish.


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