11 great ideas for Easter Eggs, from which all will be delighted!

Next Sunday Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter - the oldest Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. For designers and fans of creativity, this holy day - a great opportunity to experiment with the appearance of the traditional Easter delicacy - chicken eggs.

The most simple and effective solution for today - a cosmic egg. Made a drawing with a few shades of blue and purple and can be covered on top of the egg, "stars" - silver spray paint.

For fans of the cult TV series "Game of Thrones" was also devised ingenious solution - dragon eggs, which protect the main character Daenerys Targaryen in the first season of the drama. This design can be done independently with metal rivets and make more than one nail polish.

Fans of art can stock up on colors, as craftsmen invented the Internet version of the design for them. At Easter art lovers are invited to translate the masterpiece Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" directly on the egg. The night sky on serving, can be represented by several shades of blue, yellow and orange staccato strokes.

Favorite all the inhabitants of the planet heroes cartoon "Despicable Me" - minions - also can go "in progress" for Easter. Suffice it to dip the egg in a yellow and blue paint and stick to chicken minion plastic eyes.

It might seem like old ties associated with creative design Easter eggs? There is a design that will suit wishing to get rid of unnecessary accessories and fans, "the Turkish cucumber." You can put an egg into a tie, roll up on top of a light fabric and boil in normal water with the addition of 60 ml of vinegar. The experimenter will be rewarded with a pattern that moves with a tie on the egg.

To create the "eggs in lace" need a couple of hours at a time, paper and thin blade, which can be cut out patterns directly on the shell surface.

Perhaps the quickest way to the budget and draw an Easter egg - intricately paint his marker. In this case, the most win-win - abstract patterns.

One way the original design suggested by nature. Suffice it to stick to the eggs dried flowers and leaves, wrapped in nylon and good old tradition cook in onion skins.

Bright gradient design can be performed using conventional inks, putting an egg upright in the solution, and pouring a little water every 2 minutes.

Painted design "Khokhloma" - it is imagination and a few stickers. You can create it with a screwdriver handle or ending on an even wet painted eggs.

Another way to creatively arrange egg - to paint a few pieces of broken shell and use to decorate the other, gluing the pieces.


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