20 creative ideas for decoration of Easter eggs, which will lead you into raptures!

Easter - is a religious holiday that has its origins from pagan times. On this day, even far from the religious people welcome the arrival of spring and winter escort. Easter eggs - is not only a symbol of the holiday, but also a kind of a magic amulet, which drew patterns that had ritual significance. These drawings on the eggs were supposed to bring fertility, good harvest, long life, good health.

Today, design is more than Easter eggs decorative. People try to use all sorts of techniques and materials, as well as all their creative skills to make a creative decoration, which will no longer be anybody. In our collection you will find 20 ideas for decoration of Easter eggs that are sure to inspire you to do this year is something new and unusual.

1. Galactica

Photo: Dreamalittlebigger

2. Wrap the egg in an old tie and boil in water with vinegar

Photo: Ourbestbites

3. Carving shell (requires perseverance)


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