13 ways to create extraordinary Easter eggs. Make Easter holiday even brighter!

Easter just around the corner, it's time to start preparing for this most blessed holiday of the year. Even those people who have repeatedly failed in the Easter preparations, inspired by these great ideas for decorating eggs. It's so easy, exciting and beautiful! Pursuing creative work, get infected unwittingly takes on a festive spirit and inner harmony. This decor eggs you have yet to meet, get ready to see something incredibly charming.

1. Tri-color eggs. To get the original, painted stronger on one side only eggs, put them in the paint only half. Wait, is this part of the eggs will turn well, add a little more water. Now formed a second coat of paint, a little dimmer. For the third layer should be added to the paint a little more water to the egg is completely plunged into the paint. Done!

2. This piece of art, rather than Easter eggs!

3. A similar idea - eggs, tied with crochet patterned. It looks very cozy!

4. Baleen eggs. If you have a grandson grandmother, a teenager, she needs this idea for Easter eggs. Very stylish!

5. Glamorous version of eggs in sequins. Very cute, this idea passes solemn Easter mood.

6. Eggs, pasted seeds and cereals. Great Easter activity with your child!

7. To you got the egg, bizarre pattern which is not in the shell, and the protein, a little nadlomay shell. Now perch egg in soy sauce, and hold it there a moment, let the egg dry. After you cleanse dry the egg from the shell, you will be surprised exquisite pattern.

8. Patterns inflicted pencil on top of colored eggs and is very easy to perform. The pattern may be varied so! If you cover up the top pencil risuonok varnish, it will not be erased.

9. Warm eggs! Unmatched look and definitely not freeze, whatever the weather at Easter.

10. Black pen looks great on the white shell. An interesting way to design the eggs, which will be appropriate in any situation.

11. shall cut the tape into thin strips and decorate eggs. Will look awesome! Easter minimalism.

12. Eggs that are glued lace, very elegant. Decorate any Easter basket!

13. For dessert - a recipe that is a sin not to try. Decoction of eggs and clean them. Soaked in water, wet Easter eggs perch in dusting. Let them dry. The result is not only incredibly beautiful, but also delicious!

Really lovely idea ...

You liked these ways of decorating Easter eggs? As you can see, the imagination can work wonders. With these simple ideas of your holiday will be able to glory, because such decorations will create a good mood at all. Invite your friends to visit and surprise them so unusual Easter eggs!

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