Mysteries of Easter island


Easter island is a small landmass among the vast expanses of the Pacific ocean. It belongs to Chile, with an area of slightly more than 165 square kilometers, and the shape of the island resembles a triangle. The population, which numbered about two thousand people are engaged in sheep breeding and fishing. Recently, the income of the local residents began to bring in tourism. People wanting to visit the island, becoming more and more. Attracts tourists that envelop Easter island, unsolved mysteries.

Opened this plot of land back in 1772 when he first landed by Dutch sailors led by captain Roggeveen. It happened on Easter Sunday, so the island became known as Easter island. Locals greeted the sailors are very friendly. And once the Dutch had questions. First, how these friendly islanders even here. Secondly, why they are so different: one black, the other red, and, among them, and white people. Third, how and why the locals were so mutilated their ears, the lobes of which are notched and heavily stretched. But the most amazing sight was waiting for travelers to come.

Raghavan with their seamen were shocked to find the island's giant stone statues, which the locals called moai. Most of these statues rising from 4 to 10 meters. But some giants can reach a height of over 20 meters. Statues have large heads with protruding chin and long ears. Legs not at all. Some of them have hats of red stone, and others without hats. Some stand on pedestals, others buried up to his head. There are 887 of these statues. They are still located throughout the island and continues to amaze tourists. Question, could a small, helpless inhabitants of the island to build such giants, as in the seventeenth century, remains unanswered. The stories of Dutch sailors discovered the island the natives worshipped the deity Mac-Mac. On the island, was found a wooden tablet with writing, called rongorongo. The letters were applied from left to right, then Vice versa. Decipher the labels so no one could. A pity, because they could help to solve the mystery of the statues and the origin of the inhabitants of Easter island. While there are only hypotheses and assumptions. Other entries about the island was conducted, and oral histories about the culture of the islanders, over time, became more and more unclear and vague.

There is evidence that the natives told captain cook that the twenty-two generations have changed since then, as the leader of the Haute Matua brought people to the island, but where they had nothing to say. According to one hypothesis of scientists, the inhabitants of the island sailed on his canoe and started making statues using to transport them to the leaves of the giant trees, and these tree trunks propped up the statue. When the island the Europeans arrived, the whole forest was already destroyed, and ecological catastrophe led to the extinction of the population. Proof that the people of the island could come from the sea, may serve as was found on one of the stones the ancient image of the boat. The famous Norwegian traveler Thor Heyerdahl was convinced that the island residents moved Peru to get to it on their raft out of balsa wood. In order to prove his point, he even made an amazing journey across the ocean on a makeshift raft, named the Kon-Tiki. But even if, at the beginning of our Millennium, the inhabitants of present-day Peru, do come to the island, then how could they erect giant statues? Something hard to believe. That authentic aliens or Atlantis? May be those are right who say that here there were no aliens. Often, it is unbelievable suddenly becomes obvious. There is another interesting hypothesis. The statue was erected by the people of Atlanta. They were growing up to 10 metres, and their ancient civilization flourished in the vast continent of Atlantis, from which there is only piece – Easter island. The rest plunged into the ocean. And the residents who were caught by a Dutch expedition appeared on the island after Atlantis, maybe they had sailed from Peru. Easter island mystery will be revealed, when they deciphered the writing on the wooden plates. Or, suddenly, at the bottom of the Pacific ocean found the legendary Atlantis.

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