Unusual discovery! This drink will help you lose weight and energy boost throughout the day.

How to make a habit of drinking coffee in the morning helpful? If you belong to the category of people who can not imagine their life without the use of a morning drink, you should try to cook it for this recipe. "Oil Coffee" gives a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day. And also, according to some scientists, it helps to lose weight.


coffee beans; 2 tbsp. l. natural butter; a few drops of coconut oil. How to prepare:

Swara organic coffee in Turku. Pour it into a cup. Add a few drops of refined coconut oil and two tablespoons of butter, which contains no salt. Properly vzbey all mixer until smooth consistency.

As such a "bold" coffee will help you lose weight? This drink provides energy to the body. The body begins to burn calories on their own that a person receives during the day. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, which are easily digested, accelerate metabolism and reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol. Also this coffee drink is struggling with hunger.

But be careful with the use of coffee. It is not for everyone. Some experts believe that "the oil of coffee" can harm the contrary, if you drink it in large quantities. Always listen to your body.

Try to cook this unusual drink at home. It will be a great addition to your breakfast.

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