Easter superstitions and beliefs of our people

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HOLY WEEK (week before Easter)

Monday. This day begins the big clean-up. The house is cleaned from old, bulky things.

Tuesday. Purchased products for Easter. Women prepare therapeutic infusions. Men don't even have to touch the herbs, tinctures, powders.

Environment. It's Laundry day and all protyani. On Wednesday, it is desirable to thoroughly wash, scrape the floors, beat carpets. Wednesday in Holy week remembered a special ceremony against any bodily infirmity. Had to scoop up a mug of water from a well or from a barrel on the street or to collect water in the river. Thrice crossed himself, covered coffee mug or a new towel, and 2 a.m., crossed himself again three times, bathed in this water, leaving a little circle. After wet body, without drying, put on clothes, and the water that remained in the Cup, poured up to 3 hours on a Bush or the flowers. Saying so washed the body as being born again.

Thursday — on Holy Thursday advised to cut the first time hair year-old child (up to a year to cut was considered a sin), and the girls — the tips of the braid to grow longer and thicker. All livestock is also advised to cut out the tuft of wool to the health and well-being. — On this day, preparing Thursday Sol: it is calcined in a pan, and salt acquires medicinal properties. Preferably this salt to sanctify the Temple. — Maundy Thursday is traditionally called "clean", not only because in this day every Orthodox person seeks to purify himself spiritually, to partake, to take the sacrament established by Christ. On Maundy Thursday was widespread folk custom of purification with water – swimming in the hole, the river, lake or pouring in the bath before sunrise. — This day involves a lot of traditions. On Holy Thursday was cleaning the houses, everything washed and cleaned. It was customary to collect and burn branches of juniper for fumigation of the dwelling and the stables. It is believed that the healing of juniper smoke to protect people and "pet" from evil spirits and diseases. — Was common, and such a belief that carried on Holy Thursday eggs are eaten at Easter, prevent disease, and shell eggs, buried in the ground in the pasture, protects livestock from the evil eye. Starting with Maundy Thursday preparing for the festive table, dyed and painted eggs. On the ancient tradition of colored eggs laid on fresh sprouted greens oats, wheat. — In the morning on Thursday began to bake the cakes, the women, the fine products from wheat flour with the image of crosses, lambs, doves, larks, and honey cakes. In the evening prepared the Passover. — On Maundy Thursday should count the money three times, so the whole year was "found" money. Should everyone in the family to take a handful of salt and pour in one package. This salt is harvested and stored, and it is called "binary salt", i.e., Holy Thursday. With it you can treat yourself and your loved ones. This salt make amulets for the family, livestock, garden, home, etc. — on Holy Wednesday and Maundy Thursday, it was customary to wash with water, natanail of snow, all domestic animals, from cows to chicken and burn salt in the furnace, which, according to popular belief, have gained from this healing properties. In some villages at midnight of Holy Thursday women are also instructed to pour themselves with water for protection from diseases. — If, before dawn to wash in the Great (Pure) Thursday, need to say, "Wash off that onto me, than the soul and the body toils, all Clean Thursday removed". -Morning Easter wash water left from Maundy Thursday. It is good to put the silver thing, or a spoon, a coin. Feeds for beauty and wealth. If a girl can't get married, you need that towel, which she wiped on to give to people at Easter, those who beg along with krashenka and Easter cake. Then get married soon.

There was also a custom to burn a candle crosses on the doors and ceilings, to protect the house from the invasion of evil forces. Passionate candle was given into the hands of seriously ill or suffer a difficult birth, they possess healing powers. Great Thursday it was forbidden to sweep floors in the house until Easter.

Friday. Cooking on this day goes. Continued to bake and prepare for the celebration of Easter. "Angels help", say religious people. On Friday, neaten corners with a rag, this rag will help to get rid of lower back pain, if it is to tie yourself. The same rag wipe their feet in the bath after washing to his legs. Ash, taken on the Friday before Easter, will help to recover from alcoholism, black shaking from the evil eye and from the death of boredom.

Saturday. The last (quiet) tidy. You can still dye eggs. On this day, preparing a festive meal. Saturday was carried to the Church to consecrate Easter eggs, Easter cakes, Easter and other products. And before the night of Easter to go into the service, left meal on the table, in order to break the fast. Really eat slowly – only symbolically, and then went to sleep. But late Sunday morning began a feast which lasted all week.

Of course, all the preparatory work: cooking, painting eggs have to be finished until Easter Sunday.


It was believed that the bells in the day of Christ's resurrection is endowed with a truly magical force, striking the bell and the believers asked for good harvest, peace and harmony in the family and the girls are beautiful and rich husband. If a man spoke his request with a pure heart, then it is necessarily true.

In Russia every year on the day of this great holiday in every home put around icons jugs with honey, which was called canonici. The owners lit them candles and commemorated the departed from this world, family and friends so they could rejoice that Christ is risen. After the holiday, the Easter week, these jugs were carried to the cemetery and left at the graves of the dead. Also in the cemetery took three Easter eggs of red color and saying on the tomb "Christ is risen", crumbled eggs to the birds.

As soon as Easter Sunday began to call bells, people were baptized and three times saying: "Christ is risen, and my family health, my wealth house, my crop field. Amen.»

Well on Easter (and during the entire Easter week) to enjoy the swing. This is a ritual of vavania. They say that all the sins of the blows.

If on Easter night, to take water from a spring or river, according to popular belief, it will have special effect.

So, the first one to see the Sun rise on Easter, he will not know the troubles all year.

Girls to get married was during a Church service on Easter have to say to yourself, "the Resurrection of Christ! Send me the groom's single!".

If the child was born on Easter Sunday, it will be well-known, famous person. He who was born in the Easter week, will have good health. Great for people who can even change the course of history, are not born just on Easter Sunday, and at noon and in the shirt.

Death at Easter is a special sign. People who died on this day, God noted. His soul immediately go to heaven, to the saints. Bury the deceased with a red egg in her right hand.

After the morning service you need as quickly as possible to get home and be taken for a celebratory meal: the sooner this is done, the better things go.

As the baby grow stronger and stronger, on Easter Sunday morning, it need to put legs on the axe and say, "How steel is strong and you be strong and healthy. Amen.

If your baby develops slowly, Easter show him barefoot on the wooden floor. And the teeth will quickly erupt, and legs independently rather go in and speak early.

Willow, born on palm week, was using to fan the nursery, driving thereby the misfortunes and ailments.

Good luck on Easter to hear the cuckoo — it portends an addition to the family, and young girls, an early marriage.

Our ancestors definitely crumbled a piece of the consecrated cake of the birds calling so good luck and wealth.

Bad omen is if during the Easter service in the Church, extinguished the candle, but if she burned out before the end of the service and the man himself put it out, then it's good.

On Easter and throughout the week for her Church not married young — to be distracted by worldly holidays was considered a great sin.

In the Great, or as it is called clean Thursday of every woman satisfied with the house cleaning and clean washed away all the dirt. People say that a dirty house holiday comes.

If you are experiencing constant difficulties with money, at Easter, be sure to give the beggar a coin — the whole year you will not know the needs.

Girl on this day brought the beauty of the lit red Easter egg put into the water, then this water washed.

Couples respectful kisses at Easter. Bad luck was believed to kiss the threshold of this promised separation. Also, if while kissing, to hear the cawing of the crow, that the lovers might soon disperse. But if a kiss was under a tree, then it promised a happy life.

Mothers protected their children in the following way — starting with Easter and the whole Easter week, the kids were given on an empty stomach first piece of the consecrated cake, and then fed the rest of the food.

And to the family peace, harmony and no one quarreled among themselves, the Passover necessarily need to start with the whole family and everyone must first eat a piece of cake and eggs, which was consecrated in the Church.

The woman does not get pregnant at Easter should put next with an extra plate to put a piece of Easter with the words: "the Cake for the kids!". After the meal, this piece crumbled for the birds.

At Easter and the Annunciation, as a sign of spring and freedom were released to the wild birds. Releasing, wish — it was thought that a bird of this celestial creature, and she will give it to God.

Candles purchased at Easter in the Church kept all year — they blessed the young, put them next to the seriously ill, expelled with their help, the evil spirits from houses.

People in the age of the entire Easter week, combing hair, spoke the following words: "send me, Lord, so many grandchildren, how hair on the comb".

Remnants of wax from the Paschal candles kept until next Easter — according to folk omens that served as a protection to the house from a fire, and the family from the curses.

The husband and wife have for Breakfast on Easter Sunday to hit Easter eggs together, one egg did not break, he will be the "head" of the family the whole year.

If your child is cranky and whiny, Easter, parents should be sure to go to Church to atone for their sins.

So the crop is not affected by hail, drought or rainfall, farmers on Easter, buried in the ground on the shells from the Easter eggs.

A bad omen was considered waking Easter morning service is a predicted failure.

If the Easter week, you saw in a dream the deceased relative, it means that next year the family no hard not to get sick and die;

If someone is dying, in the Church on Easter Sunday, we had to try to take the Easter egg out of the hands of the priest. Leaving the Church, we must go to the icon of the Theotokos and call her: "Mother Mary, come with me to my house. With us to spend the night, slave (name of patient) to heal". The house had at least part of the brought eggs to feed the patient. Then, according to popular belief, he this year won't die.

And, of course, people paid attention and noticed the weather in this holiday.

Good weather at Easter was considered a harbinger of a hot summer, cloudy weather meant a cold dry summer;

— If the sky was clear many stars, that meant will still be freezing;

— On national signs if Easter is already the snow has melted, so the harvest this ode will be rich.

— Also a prosperous year heralded heavy rains during Easter week.

The storm on the Easter week was considered a sign of late and dry autumn;

On Easter multi-colored sunset was considered a great omen and promised great success.published 

Bright EASTER!!!!!

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