Fancy Easter traditions (10 photos)

In the United States on the eve of Easter made to hide in various secluded places throughout the house and yard painted eggs and sweets. On Sunday morning, the children take big baskets and go in search of Easter gifts, believing that they brought a giant magic rabbit. America - not the only country in the world where there are peculiar traditions of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

10. Czech Republic

According to tradition, on Easter in the Czech Republic, young people are made of a special vine whip, which beat then liked girls. Latest in gratitude give them painted egg or a handful of coins. Those who are older, may treat a glass of good whiskey. It sounds strange, but if the girl in this day received a blow whip, then she does not like anyone. This lack of attention on the part of the male is considered offensive and insulting.

The day after Easter the girls the opportunity to take it out on the guy behind knutovanie. They go out and pour ice water liked young people. The fun continues into the evening, the main thing - do not get sick afterwards!

9. Cyprus

It looks like Easter - is not so much a holiday as an occasion over someone to make fun of or anything to break. Take, for example, Cyprus. Here, just as in America, decided to organize the hunt for Easter eggs - but it is for small children, because teenagers amuse themselves much more serious way.

In Cyprus, there is a long tradition that on Easter boys from different regions organize a competition between the kindling of a large fire. The winning team receives the right end of the year to show off in front of the rest of their advantage. In Cyprus, it is not so easy to find wood for a campfire. The boys are fighting for every sliver, often with the use of brute force. Conflicts, as well as the consequences of such nedetskiy fun, there are so severe that even have to call the police, but that just is not done in the name of Easter!

8. Bermuda

To symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His ascension to heaven, Bermudians Easter fly kites, however, is not quite simple. This special Easter kites, for the manufacture and design of which people sometimes spend whole weeks. In the light of Christ's resurrection are full day fly high in the sky, and in the evening the owners of the best of them awarded prizes in various categories. After the end of the festival of kites or stored on memory or dismantled. The whole essence of the tradition is that people every year produced a new kite, run the same twice does not make sense.

7. Florence (Italy)

Celebrating Easter in Florence it is closely linked to a long tradition called "Skoppio del Carro┬╗ (Scoppio del Carro), or "explosion carts" that occurred over 350 years ago. On this day, the streets of Florence, heading for the area between the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, is riding high fancy carriage, established back in 1622 and drawn by two white oxen adorned with beautiful garlands.

This tradition draws its origins in real events in which there is a certain percentage of fiction. Presumably, in 1099, a young Florentine named Pazzini, from a noble a noble family of the Pazzi, took part in the First Crusade to the Holy Land, during which showed a lot of courage (he climbed the walls of Jerusalem and erected over it a Christian banner). Back home, Pazzini brought with him three of flint from the Holy Sepulchre, which he received for his courageous act. These sacred stones, which are now kept in the Basilica of Santi Apostoli, directly relevant to the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ in Florence.

By tradition, the ceremony begins at 10 am. Priest with three flints, once brought Pazzini, lights the Paschal candle, placed in a special container on the cart, and the procession of the Holy Fire brings the main square, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Carts escorted drummers flagometateli, people dressed in period costumes, as well as city officials and clerics.

Carts left in front of the cathedral and it is set on an arsenal of fireworks. About 11 hours when the church singing "Glory to God," Archbishop ignites a rocket in the form of a dove ("Columbine" - a symbol of the Holy Spirit), which is the wick "drifted" to stand outside carts - and under the surprised and jubilant shouts of the crowd It begins enchanting show! If a complex ritual will take place without a hitch, the residents of the city will have good luck all year.

6. Norway

In Norway, Easter made to gather the whole family to watch or read stories of mysterious killings and together try to figure out which of the characters is a cruel criminal. This tradition has become so popular that many large companies in the run-up to this bright holiday bend over backwards just to please the citizens who crave bloody secrets.

Most of the TV stations in Norway, especially for Easter changes program and tries to broadcast only films about mysterious murders. The same applies to publishers, and that in anticipation of the holiday release an incredible amount of detectives. Even companies engaged in the production of dairy products, are trying to profit from it: the week before Easter they start printing on the packaging of their products mysterious mini-stories to attract more customers.

5. Denmark

Traditionally, children in Denmark at Easter dress up in costumes of witches and go from house to house, begging for candy. In gratitude for the chocolate treats they give owners decorated with willow branches, which bring happiness and blessing.

4. Finland

Shortly before Easter, children sow in Finland in a small plastic container and grass each day and then watch how it grows, symbolizing the coming of spring.

At Easter grass has grown significantly, they decorate painted eggs and rabbits paper to year in the country was fertile.

3. France

Do you think that in France, the adults tell children when it is Easter Sunday? It is directly linked to the special day, which is called the Silent Saturday. In the days before Easter, the Church in France stop ringing the bells to honor the memory of Jesus Christ. Adults also explain to children that the bells stopped calling because flew to Italy to see the Pope. When they returned back on Easter, then scatter everywhere painted eggs and sweets to the delight of children.

2. Poland

In almost every country on Easter family arrange a dinner party, and Poland is not an exception.

The traditional dish for the Easter table Poles - is the oil lamb, which is completely made from butter. Make it usually hands, but there are special forms which make it much easier and give a so-called dish more realistic form. Oil lamb symbolizes the beginning of spring.

1. Norway 2

In Norway, on Easter week, in addition to viewing and reading stories about mysterious murders, decided to close all (literally) by as much as seven days. People do not go to work, children do not attend school, shops do not open, the banks do not cash checks, etc., etc.. All rose for the week, so if you previously did not care about food and entertainment - it's your problem!


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