How to decorate a house for Easter?

Orthodox Easter is always celebrated on coming this spring. This is the time when the spring sun is already shining bright and warm.
Before Easter is always good clean the house, decorate it with flowers, pussy willows, different garlands, wreaths and other attributes.
This means that the time has come to change heavy winter curtains for light, airy, bright curtains. It can be light organza or tulle, and can be curtains of a light fabric, light color with flowers.
Before Easter, the curtains decorated with beautiful garlands of green branches and decorative Easter eggs.

On the glass Windows, you can draw Easter pictures using paint or cut them out of a special film, colored paper and other materials.
Your apartment will have a great flavor, if You will put on window sills in pots or baskets with daffodils is a traditional Easter flowers.
Will look wonderful on Your windowsill if you decorate it with decorative Easter eggs. If You are tired of the usual crafts for Easter – painted Easter eggs – note on the idea of home decorating interesting pearl egg.
Animal figurines help to create the mood of this holiday in the apartment. The most well – known symbols of Easter chickens.
Easter tree. In Germany and Austria have a very good Easter tradition is to decorate empty eggs beautifully painted branches of trees. This tree will bring home the feeling of spring and celebration.

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