Neighbors asked why she gathers the straw and pulling at apartment. Seeing the result, I do not mind to bring kapoko!

My close friend is able to create in the house an incredible atmosphere of coziness and celebration. So this fall she decided to put an interesting idea that I saw on the exhibition in Poland. For this she took the straw from which she created a stunning autumn wreath. It Irina hung in the hallway at the front door.

Seeing this beauty, many of its neighbors, including myself, also wanted to make something similar at home.

A wreath on derevenki are perfect for decorating the house in fall season, they can not only hang on the wall or door, but also to decorate their living rooms and are placed in a vase and use for other decor.

Material for home decoration can serve as straw, ears of wheat, dried flowers, dried leaves, pine cones, bare branches of rattan, as well as miniature pumpkins, ears of corn and other gifts of nature.

The editors of "Site" have for you 17 amazing ideas wreaths of straw, reeds and dried flowers, production of which will take you no more than an hour. Here it is — a symbol of the harvest, to create comfort.

  1. As you can see, mixing a lot of different ears colors, you can get something original. I really like this idea!

  2. And they used a large number of different herbs. But most of all I was very impressed with this bow and rustic!

  3. A symbol of harvest and fertility are considered to be ears of wheat. Gather a small armful of wheat ears and make of them such an exquisite wreath. For greater originality you add the small yellow leaves of the canadian maple and the inscription "Welcome".

  4. Fall wreaths are especially nice when they have a lot of various elements. For this purpose the bottom layer is make of small branches, leaves or spikelets. The inner layer can be made of Cape gooseberries, acorns and cones. For accent add a bright mountain ash branches.

  5. Here is another wonderful solution from ears of wheat and sprigs of lavender.

  6. This wreath I saw in his friend. It is very important when creating such a beauty to take the straw of good quality and as thick as possible, and yarn raffia to simplify the process.

  7. Amazing magnificence!

  8. This wreath can also be a gift. For example, to the wedding and wished the newlyweds to have many children.

  9. Step-by-step master class how to weave a stylish wreath on the door. Even if the wreath consists of only one component, it can be decorated with bright ribbon. Will look especially beautiful bow from velvet, satin or linen.

  10. A good example of layered wreath with ears of wheat and flowers of immortelle.

  11. The simplest, but at the same time spectacular way to decorate the wreath on the door will be decorating it collected on the street or in the Park autumn leaves. Beautiful wreath of leaves of the same type or combined. The leaves dry, you can add the artichoke, pine cones, chestnuts and acorns.

  12. If you think round wreaths too boring, try to weave a wreath in the shape of a heart. Looks very unusual.

  13. Look how bold and unusual decision! This wreath will be a great decoration at home and for a long time will delight all home.

  14. Beautiful autumn wreath can be made in just a couple of hours and with a pre-prepared materials and clearly defined task only for 60 minutes. A great way to entertain yourself in the gloomy autumn night!

  15. Very sweet and delicate decision, isn't it? I love the lavender!

  16. Looking photo beautiful autumn wreaths, you may decide that they require a lot of time creating or need a good skill in weaving. However, decorative wreaths with natural materials to produce quite easily. It is enough to create of thick wire or grapevine base and to consolidate the branches of dry leaves using the same color thread or glue gun.

  17. I am delighted with this decision. Stylish and tasteful!

The Board of Directors In making an autumn wreath appropriate, any ripe fruit — apples, artichokes, pears. The main point which you should consider in advance is how to attach them to the frame of the wreath. If the frame of the wreath, for example, of foam, you can attach the fruit with toothpicks. And you can use double-sided tape for small items or a glue gun.

In people it is believed that the wreath on the front door protects the house from evil spirits and also brings love, luck and prosperity. Beautiful and with a soul created by interior wreaths can not only elevate mood, but also to create the comfort of home.

If you liked this article, share it with your friends. Maybe they want to do something similar for your home. Let the beauty around.

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