Need to find out what made these ornaments, then shudder... I Wish such a thing?

Nothing lasts forever in this world, and man is no exception. In the West it is a normal phenomenon is to scatter the ashes of the deceased over the ocean, for example. And some cherish the urn with the ashes of a beloved relative passing as an heirloom from generation to generation. Not surprisingly, in the end, someone has invented another version of this reverent tradition.

Can someone this idea may seem strange, however the age of the jewelry is much longer than human life. So why not make a piece of a loved one in a memorable thing?

Ashes merseguera use of human remains extraordinary way into the team of scientists from the Swiss company Algordanza. In 2001 was made the first artificial diamond from the remains of the deceased. Under high pressure of carbon contained in the dust, made of precious stone, unique in its structure.

This diamond can be put in the ring or anniversary pendant, however, the fun is not cheap. The smallest diamond is worth 5 thousand euros. It is worth noting that from the ashes of a person weighing approximately 80 kg it is possible to manufacture a precious stone of 1 carat in any shape and color.

For those that wants to make the ashes of their loved ones in the product easier, the artist merry Chickens from California can make elegant ornaments of glass and ash in the form of beads. As she says the girl, for her this work is not so much business as an opportunity to help people not to part with loved ones even after death.

"Now I realize that these decorations gave my work new meaning. It is a way to show respect for the dead and to calm the remaining to live", — says the artist. Merry produces commemorative jewelry entirely by hand and performs only one order at a time.


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