Unusual Easter traditions

Frankly, it is not necessary to think too much about what we do for Easter - the more you think, the more absurd it seems. Here in Russia, we paint eggs in different colors and pechёm cakes. The faithful go to church in the morning or defend vigil service. But some people have a really crazy Easter traditions. And all this happens in the world next Sunday.

1. Czech

What is missing in the Russian version of the Passover? Assaults and robberies. In the Czech Republic is in the hands of men take special Easter whips to flog them women. In exchange, the impact of women give to men (strangers, mind you) painted egg or a handful of coins - as thanks for the kick. If people are old enough, the man in gratitude can get a kiss, and even more.
Interestingly, so behave Gym shoes only at Easter - the next morning they are full of icy contempt again. Tradition is not cruel, holiday festivities and usually ends with libations. That explains why the ice of Czech women - easy to be friendly with a sore head?

2. Cyprus

Easter - is not just a great holiday, but also a reason to get rid of unnecessary stuff. At least in Cyprus. Cypriots also paint eggs, like us, and then hide that they were looking for the children. Then begins the serious work for teenagers.
All the boys go hunting area of ​​old wooden objects for a huge total fire that ends the festival. Cypriots - people are very funny and are not limited to wood, so that the flame sometimes goes out of control and the police to help him put out the fire. And burn the city for long.

3. Bermuda

Easter - is not only sweet, colored eggs and fun. Actually, it's a religious holiday, and Bermudians take into account this fact, though quite a strange way. To honor the memory of Christ and his resurrection, the people of Bermuda are launching into the sky kites.
But this is no ordinary snake - a special Easter kites. Special masters are working on their design, design and the creation of a few weeks. And on Easter snake rush into the sky as a symbol of Christ's ascension. At the end of the day the owners of the best kites receive awards, and after all the fun hidden in storage or destroyed. Since the whole point of the tradition to make better snake run twice the same does not make sense.

4. Florence, Italy

The people of Florence does something unbelievable - a very simple celebration have become extremely difficult. Everything begins with the ignition of the sacred fire. It is lit with flint found on the possible burial place of Christ, which supposedly stood before the Holy Sepulchre.
After that, from the sacred fire lit candles that are across town at a hefty basket for more than nine meters tall - the same basket in Florence has been used for over 300 years. Then, from this candle light candles priests and city officials, as well to cart loaded fireworks. When everything is ready, the bell tower of the Cathedral let the dove (fortunately unreal) with a rope tied to it.
Then he dove ignites Cardinal of Florence and Giotto's bell in the bell tower ringing at full power, to show what the show is about to begin. And it starts the fireworks - bright lights constantly soar in the sky for 20 minutes. Fireworks - it is a symbol of what the inhabitants of crops are abundant, and business - success.

5. Norway

In Norway, at Easter the whole family gets together and looks or reads stories about the murders. Together they are trying to guess who the murderer in this detective story, to whom it was profitable, and so on. The tradition is so widespread that many large companies take this into account when preparing for Easter.
Norway's largest TV station even change the program so that on TV were only mysterious history. A dairy companies make special package with detective stories: poured a glass of milk - read about the murder.

6. Denmark

In Denmark, Easter is more like Halloween. Children put on costumes of monsters or ghosts, witches or wizards and go with baskets from door to door to get candy from strangers.
But children also need to give something in return. Fortunately, not the soul. Most often children give adults willow branches as a blessing for the home. And then a little "witch" gets candy and goes further.

7. Finland

Finland celebrates the most boring in the world Easter. You do not try to look like grass grows? Finns do just that: they look like growing grass, to mark the beginning of spring.
Of course, that's not all. When finished with grass, children decorate her painted eggs and Easter bunny - Finnish symbols of fertility.

8. France

In France, parents tell children how to fly in the sky bell. This is due to a special day called Silent Saturday. A few days before Easter in France in the fixed time stop ringing all the bells in memory of the death of Jesus.
The parents explain to children that do not ring a bell, because out of their towers and fly away for a while in Rome to see the Pope. When the bells return home, they bring from Rome painted eggs and garlands of sweets for all the children.

9. Poland

In almost every country on Passover feast of the stomach, and Poland - is no exception. The main dish for the Easter table Poles - is the oil lamb.
Let us explain: it's a lamb, made entirely of butter. As a rule, lambs do manually, but in the last few decades have used ready-made forms, allowing lambs now look like real.
Oil lamb - a symbol of the beginning of spring. And the lamb should be eaten - it is a tradition.

10. Again, Norway

In Norway there is one crazy Easter tradition, where it is the story of the murders in the soles are not suitable. They close all the week before Easter.
By "they close everything," we do not mean that schools do not work, and the children come vacation - not only. Closes in general all: you do not go to work, your children are not in school, you can not withdraw money from a bank or buy food at the store. Nothing works.
Fortunately, the owners of grocery stores in Norway is still conscious - Saturday shops open before Easter. Now we know where it came from the tradition of stories about the murders - what else can think of people who are hungry for a whole week?



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