Never say "never". Why it is better to leave quietly and quickly

Nineteen million eight hundred forty six thousand ninety eight

Frame from the film by David Fincher "Fight club", 1999

Igor was retired for two weeks. Wearing a leather jacket, throwing papers, promised to throw in the computer window, and every day gave the office a lecture on the topic: "Need to break the system, you need to stop being a slave." The story of one short-sighted rebellion.

"My life, my rules. I want to break the system. I'm not going to live like this. I can do more I'm worth more."

These are not my words, no. It said Igor, who resigned last year. Quit it with the noise for the 2 weeks that followed after his statement about leaving the company, he order all got.

It was a great rebellion, from which I have captured the spirit and ears. He talked a lot, threw papers and screamed, "You are not your job. You're not how much money you have in the Bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You are not the car keys. You're singing and dancing shit, center of the world."

I'm so sure I quote this phrase because later found out that this is from the "Fight club".

And Igorek 2 weeks of simple office nerd turned into the alpha male. He suddenly pulled off his faded jacket and wearing a leather jacket. Became human. The watch on your wrist bought fashion. And every day, every day reading these lectures on the topic "need to break the system, you need to stop being a slave."

The scene that became legendary: the bookkeeper causes it for calculation. Gives money, papers to sign. And he instead of signing puts some kind of mark (a little "screw you.."we there read then), and then casually crushes the money, this ball rolls and slips it in the pocket of my jeans. The entire Department looked at him as if hypnotized. Bookkeeper required then it's normal to sign.

The head of his Department said Igor, repeated like a mantra that will throw a fucking computer that he had to work a few days in the window. What the boss said that the computer will fly down himself Igor. Igorek something there again from "Fight club" quoted, but the computer decided not to touch.

I don't really understand what was the reason for such changes. Say he found a cool job where he promised to pay more, and the position abruptly. It is said that even his partner in the business called. One thing was clear: the kid can't live a grey life.

He went to build the future. And stabilizable? TA-dam! Today pinned a bow to the headmistress. Take me back. Again, your jacket your got a fringe on the forehead comb.

We laughed so hard with the girls when he's out of the Cabinet popped up. And boss, that really is a good soul, takes it back! But with some other conditions, the salary there is less, the position easier. But he agreed to everything, prattling on about the crisis shmizis.

I understand that a rebellious spirit in the office will be no more. And so I want to ask what he was doing those few months when he wasn't here. What kind of life it inspires in Manila? Where he was going and so did not come?

And I want to ask you: what do you think it is normal to go back to work, which with the noise quit? Ourselves that thus was left with the unloved, yet stable work?

To be honest, I sometimes wanted to do so. Beautiful, like in the movies and at the same time to Express what you think. That pent up.

But the moral of the story: quit, quiet and fast. And in General — as a system to break? published 



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