6 These phrases can cost you a job! What we can not say in the interview and in the workplace.

Of course, very well, if you are invited to a job interview. But this is only the first step! It is important to get a job, but it needs to behave properly and not Shake excess. Such a rule already applies the resulting work. Here are 6 sentences, which should be avoided during the interview and on the job. Do not make mistakes!

What it is not necessary to say at the interview when applying for a job

Do not say: «My current boss - a nightmare». em>
Why: It's unprofessional. The person conducting the interview with you, can be a good friend of your current boss. Remember that.
Say: «I am ready for a new challenge». em>

Do not say: «You think I come to this position?» em>
Why: On the job you take, you're not being interviewed.
Say: «What do you like working here?» em>

Do not say: «What is time?» em> or «How can you with vacations?» em>
Why: You want to look like a man who wants to work has been done.
Say: «As you pass the days?» em> or «What can you tell me about the social package and compensation?» em>

What should not talk at work

Do not say: «It's not part of my duty». em>
Why: If your immediate boss tells you to do something - that's your job.
Say: «I'm not sure that it should be my priorities now». em>

Do not say: «This may sound stupid, but ...» em>
Why: never depreciates their ideas, making such comments.
Say: with certainty say what you think about it.

Do not say: « I have no time to talk to you». em>
Why: This is a very tough, whether you live or talking on the phone.
Say: «I just finish today. Let me come when be free » em>.

By following these rules, you can be confident that the employer will be more loyal to you. These phrases may question your hiring, you can even fire because of them! So think before you say something. You can always achieve the desired saying it in other words.

Share with your friends these dangerous phrases, let them know what not to say!

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