How to celebrate Easter around the world

Easter egg symbol of the Easter holiday. Everyone knows how to celebrate Easter with us. Learn how to celebrate this great feast of Easter around the world.

In Australia, at Easter love the flowing gain (Easter) water and retain it until the wedding day. If they are sprayed with each other before the wedding it - marriage should be durable.

Andalusia (Spain)
Incredibly beautiful procession in masks and costumes during the Holy Week (Semana Santa).

Bermuda (Caribbean)
Surprisingly, the symbol of Christmas in Bermuda is the lily. Lily was a symbol of purity in the era of early Christianity. In 1900, white lilies known as "Easter Lilies" were brought to the United States from Bermuda. And they quickly became popular in the Easter decorations.

Zurich (Switzerland)
There are not so bright celebrate this holiday, but trips to the famous chocolate factory Lindt Lindt & Sprngli will amaze you with the beauty of chocolate eggs, a variety of colors and sizes, and even at Easter there to make gold easter bunnies wrapped in gold foil and decorated with red ribbons.

Easter witch Sweden
In Sweden, the witches were believed to fly on their broomsticks, ringing church bells at Easter. Especially in western Sweden, children often dress up in costumes of witches and visit neighbors with Easter cards, hoping to get back coin or candy.

In the Mexican village celebrating mega-Christmas holiday. Passion play this game Easter, appeared among residents of Mexico for a long time. After a devastating cholera epidemic in winter 1833 a handful of those who survived decided to hold the game: "Say thank you." Game - a theatrical performance of the last days of Christ's life. The game begins with the Last Supper, then betrayal, sentencing, the procession to the Cross, the Crucifixion, and finally the Resurrection. For this production, the participants made the costumes and preparing for his role almost the entire year. The game is one of the most famous events in Mexico, Easter, the feast attracts over 1 million visitors a year.

New York (USA)
In New York held an Easter Parade. Every year, hundreds of New Yorkers are great procession through the streets to celebrate the religious holiday of Easter. Car decorated with flowers and people in the magnificent and extravagant hats move along the boulevards of Manhattan. The parade begins at 10 am on Fifth Avenue (Fifth Ave in Midtown) on Sunday. In the process may involve anyone, but to look at the passing by of the platform and original costumes no less interesting.

Rome (Italy)
Get an incredible sense of celebrating Easter at St. Peter's Square or Piazza San Pietro (St Peter's Square) - a grand square in the form of two symmetrical half-circles, broken front of the Basilica of St. Peter's in Rome.

Colorful Easter activities abound here. Every Good Friday adherents of the Roman Catholic Church in the village of San Pedro Kutud the Philippines carried out the ritual crucifixion of Jesus Christ, nailing participants to a wooden cross. Also, many who want to atone for his sins under the rods. Official Catholic Church condemns the crucifixion and self-flagellation, but the ritual became attraction of the Philippines and attracts large numbers of tourists. Also held a colorful event: Where else can you see a huge paper flower petals which mechanically opens giant toy bird?

In Jerusalem
Christian pilgrims from around the world flock to celebrate Easter in Jerusalem, in the Old Town, where many believe Jesus was resurrected after his crucifixion.


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