How to Celebrate Easter in the USSR?

It is interesting to go back and remember how to celebrate Easter in the USSR.
This will help us to one blogger, who spoke on all aspects of the holiday under communism.

Caricature "To each his own ..." from the book "Eugene Shukaev. Cartoons ", 1965.

Something I recently the Soviet past does not rest. Even now I sit and think about how to celebrate the Passover under the Communists? It can not be! Never! Where to take the paint for the eggs, and what was it? It seems aniline. If the egg is cracked in the painting, the protein becomes toxic - aniline, of course, it then carefully cut, throwing dangerous places. But most importantly - a complete ban on this holiday! Subbotniki who organized the day before, the mandatory duty KGB vespers, followed by denunciations. In any case, those who wanted to make a career in the church did not go, do not bake cakes, eggs are not painted. Once fully Christianity does not corrode! But, it seems, have achieved a lot in this glorious work. It is strange to see Zyuganov with a candle in the church, probably his predki- Communists he would not be forgiven if they knew!

In the 20s people were trying to detract from the creation of new religious holiday rituals. The holidays of the church calendar to arrange "Komsomol Easter", "communist processions", as well as anti-religious youth torchlight processions.

CHURCH dancing together.
In the 70s and early 80s in the Easter night, specially arranged for the youth disco and theaters nightly shows were organized in demand (often foreign) films.

The custom at Easter to go to the cemetery - a purely Soviet and formed, probably in the 70s. People in panic afraid to go to church, so as not to lose their jobs, to not expelled from the institute, did not get a scolding from the Komsomol organizer or party organizer. In the Orthodox calendar, special All Souls' Day - Radonitsa, the 9th day of Passover. That went on for Easter to the cemetery, to remember the dead is not prohibited. They were harmless to the ideology.

Despite the official anti-religious, in the Soviet Union before the Easter holidays in the stores appeared cupcake "Spring", which taste and shape like a Easter cake.

And, incidentally, what the holidays, some Easter, there was no time to celebrate! We had to produce food, clothing and so on in endless queues.



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