How to use a paperclip to open the locks and bolts

With the help of the usual staples can open many locks and latches.
This suggests that most of the locks is only a deterrent, some deterrent and do not provide 100% security.
Information for reference, do not try to use these skills for personal gain, only good intentions.
Indeed, it may happen that your child close to you, and will not be on hand key or something else.

Improperly hung doors

Surely you've heard of people who open the door with a credit card. Well, you can do the same thing using a paper clip.

There is a strong likelihood that the door could set improperly. This allows to easily pass therethrough. If the door lock is not installed or it is not functioning properly, the door latch can be let go. This becomes even easier if between the door and the jamb there is a large gap.

If you do not get to push the latch and open the door from the outside, you can use a paper clip to pull the latch from the inside. To do this, start a paper clip to bend his big hook. Then paste it into the crack in the door and bring back the latch. Continues to lead it forward until the end of the clip will come back to the front of the door, and you can not grab him. Clamp both ends of the clip and pull over. The door should open.

Open door with security locks

Many homes have doors with handles that are running secret locks. They are often used in bedrooms and bathrooms. The door itself opens easily by turning the knob, but the secret lock mechanism is activated by pressing a button on it. This prevents the turn knob on the outside of the door. These locks are typically used to control a habit to enter without knocking.

Fortunately, they are designed so that they can be easily opened. The outer portion of the handle has an opening in the center for the key that allows him to enter the writing small object (in this case a paper clip). You need to push the tab that holds the latch. After that, you can turn the external handle and open the door.

Simple heck

Simple latch like hooks and easy to open with a paper clip. To begin to align the end of it, paste it into the crack in the door below the valve. Then just swipe clip up until the latch is raised off the hook.

Your clip can also be used to re-close the door of the castle. To do this, Put down the latch so that the door could barely conceal. Then, with the door closed use your clip to hold the latch down until it stops. This trick allows you to close the lock, as if it had never been opened.

Cheap locks for luggage

Cheap locks for luggage, you can easily open due to an ordinary clip. Their primitive mechanisms consist only of a small spring sandwiched holding the U-shaped element, which is called earring. To open the lock, just need to unclench spring. You can do this by using paper clips, one end of which is necessary to bend a small loop. If you have the key to the lock, try to repeat his form. Then simply insert the clip into the lock and rotate until it opens. Perhaps you have to scroll around to the paper clip until you do not find the clip.

Open Holders of paper towels and toilet paper

Nobody really concerned about the safety of their own toilet paper or towels. But it is very useful to be able to replace them, if you lost the key. There are many varieties of locking mechanisms used in paper towel holders. But they generally consist of one or two plates, the retaining spring, located under the front cover. You'll have to explore the castle, to determine exactly how it opens.

Most often it needs to insert a straightened paper clip into the end of the key hole and put pressure on the plate underneath. If the castle there are two plates, you will need to straighten a paper clip across the length and bend it into the shape of a horseshoe (U). Then PUSH on the horizontal bar to simultaneously push both plates.

Toy handcuffs

Most toy castles consist of a spring-loaded latch or fuse. To open them, you just need to put pressure on its clip or latch plate, which usually presses a key. Most often, this plate is positioned directly over the hole for the key.

Note: The paper clip will not be able to open real police handcuffs. While their designs are similar, large clip is too wide for the key hole, and a small clip is not strong enough to lift the plate. So you need a pin to cope with toys for adults.



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