How to get rid of handcuffs (3 photos)

If you are in a situation that turned the handcuffs on you, do not worry, there is a way out of this situation.
Instructions inside.

For kinogeroya it as two fingers took wire poelozit two seconds in the castle - and handcuffs open. So you look for the sides and in the pockets of ordinary paper clip. In the end, call me for help at least someone who can bring it.

To check whether it is the scheme, we took the standard special means, and put out to find staples. And we did it.

1. Orient. If through the castle, the "key" can be inserted from either side. It opens with the movement toward the far end of a lock block.

2. found more thick paper clip? Its advantage is that it is less bent and broken during opening. Make from one end of the tongue as if the key is inserted and twisted sideways. It may take 10-15 minutes before you cheat mechanism, but freedom is near.

3. found a small thin paper clip? Well, because it can be done almost a duplicate of the mother key. In our handcuffs is not one plate, which fixes the teeth bracelet and two - which is why the keys on a double tongue. Something similar is needed to build and of clips. Open handcuffs using a master key is not difficult.

Lock lock handcuffs

If it is active (the lever is deeply recessed into the hole), it is first necessary to open the lock (one motion clip in the opposite opening), and then take ownership of the castle over.



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