Messengers from the guards

& quot; ... at 6 am the company consisting of two boys and three girls refused to leave the institution, citing the fact that they have nowhere to go. The guys had a little help on the output, and the girls went out for yourself ... & quot;

& quot; ... 2.11.05 about 2:30 in the billiard room, the visitor "accidentally" broke two cue. One cue into two parts, and the second - three ... & quot;

& quot; ... by visual inspection of the girl was found and voluntarily it given product, "Snickers" - 1 pc. "Mentos" - 1 pc., Vodka (0, 5 l.) - 1 pc ... & quot;

& quot; ... I politely asked the four men to get out of the room to the street to clarify the circumstances of their violent reaction to the sellers store, but immediately ran into a wall of incomprehension on their part ... & quot;

& quot; ... girls pointed to sellers of drunken young people as the reason for pressing the panic button ... & quot;

& quot; ... we were able to sit this man in the patrol car. At this time he was shouting bad voice, "Help me steal the terrorists!". In the car, he suddenly started having an asthma attack, then attack of epilepsy. Writhing and grimacing, he watched through the fingers of my reaction, but without seeing any sympathy on my part, calmed down ... & quot;

& quot; ... the man was handcuffed. Then he flew into a rage, and in a state of extreme intoxication, shouting "Russia, forward!" Was to break out. We took him out of the room, and seeing that he could break something, just put him on the bench and waited for police patrol called us ... & quot;

& quot; ... to prevent illegal actions on the part of offenders against property and staff, I and a driver-bodyguard helped young people to leave the gaming establishment ... & quot;

& quot; ... aggressive-minded young men tried to enter the conflict, but thanks to the great experience of working with such a "clientele" of the conflict was avoided. These citizens left, shaking hands with us, and promised not to return ... & quot;

& quot; ... he saw riding up the crew, they realized that's not their day ... and then held talks with them quietly went home ... & quot;

& quot; ... a drunken young people visiting the club was denied, but, as usually happens in such cases, they would not voluntarily go back home and tried to spoil the mood of the guards ... & quot;

& quot; ... the protection of the club gave him a note and tried methods of persuasion to bring to the mind of this man that is forbidden to drink their drinks ... & quot;

& quot; ... the detainee did not deny his guilt, saying the theft of the fact that there is no money ... & quot;

& quot; ... we found out that the money "lost" visitor playing club, in his right sock. Seeing this, he began to apologize to the staff of the institution ... & quot;

& quot; ... it has been found that the administrator of the club, rabotyuschaya the night shift, pretty "took on his chest," and became the main initiator of the conflict. Being drunk, it does not control their actions and tried by all means to beat at least some of the women in a cafe ... & quot;

& quot; ... meanwhile tables in the cafe had begun to scatter in different directions ... & quot;

"... I strongly suggested that all three young people leave the institution, and received the answer that at a meeting after hours, they will cut off my head, and one even threatened me with same-sex sexual relations ...»

"... Participants of the fight said that they were beaten by guards knees to the face. Pointing to the foreign visitors, they argued that it is disguised as security and that they too were beaten ... »

"... But this time a few young people tried to strike my partner. After a contact with a partner event attackers was given first aid, call an ambulance and police patrol was made the act of apprehending, we had to write a statement about the criminal case. Three of the attackers were hospitalized, and the remaining eight brought to the police station ... »

"... This man was given first aid, ie rubbed her face with cotton impregnated with an alcohol substance Vodka & quot; ...»

"... Drunk the company said that they are not familiar face control system & quot ;, they have big communication and security will be fired the next day ...»

"... Drunk girl suddenly seemed that a man without a companion & quot; somehow mysteriously I looked at her. She decided to get his attention somewhat strange way: went to the man poured on his head, a beer and waited for the reaction. The situation threatened to escalate into a conflict, but the man responded correctly ... »

"... Then she decided to take a koordinalno measures to attract attention to himself. She tried to hit the man on the head with a beer mug with the words: All men goats, and anything not capable of! & Quot ;. Security guards tried to make it out of places, but they were fierce resistance drunk girl. She kicked, scratched, trying to bite someone from the guards, accompanying their actions coarse swearing (even I do not know these words) ... »

"... Was called up the police, as it did not give any permissible measures to influence the behavior of the girl ...»

"... One of the young people who are intoxicated and otogrevshiysya in the club got nowhere chicken (leg quarter) and became upotreblint it in food. The guard came over and politely asked to remove the chicken or throw it. The young man responded with obscenities against the institution, protection and all staff ... »

"... He grabbed me by the sleeve forms and asked the meaning of which I did not understand: Do not you have extra rights? & Quot ;, and then tried to push me out of the room to clarify the relationship. I had to use the reception and handcuffed. Then he said that he did not want any problems, he agreed to pay for everything and more so do not ... »

"... At 23:00 drunken woman, dressed in a white blouse, pants with stripes and winter boots above the knee tried to climb up on the table to dance. Off balance, she fell on standing next to the bench, catching at the same time for at least a drunk neighbor. As a result, a fight broke out between the women ... »

"... Persons of Caucasian nationality was asked the exact time of the end of my working day and promised to take me in the trunk of a car across the river, for what purpose was not explained. At the appointed time came, and no one more than they appear ... »

"... The young man began to threaten us and claimed that now able to get the gun out of his pocket and put us all, because we have not done metallokontrol.Zaderzhanny was transferred to the police along with no injuries ...»

"... He waved his hands, stamped his feet and splutter. Suddenly, a drunken man tried to hit me with his hand on his ear. After that I had to put it on the ground and apply special means (handcuffs). In the evening he came back to apologize. After receiving forgiveness, he left with a clear conscience and a sense of accomplishment ... »

"... One of them tried to hit me in the head, dodging, I hit him in the jaw, knocking. The second tried to strike back with my partner when he wrung another offender. I had to pay him a direct blow to the right leg, knocking him to the ground. While I was dealt a blow to him, I tried to strike the side of the right hand to the head. The guard closed me, knocking him off his feet. What to do the others do not see. The intruder, whom I knocked down the first time, and again oklemalsya Popper rushed at me, had once again hit him in the jaw and knock down ... »

"... On the basis of Article 17 of the Law on private security and detective activity & quot; striker has been applied to the special means (gas shock & quot;) ... »

"... The remaining two individuals did not take risks, and fled the scene ...»

"... They are rude looked at me and began to pursue his figliganskie action ..."


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