How to increase the number of bees?

How to increase the number of bees?

It will be a bit of text and 10 photos.

Bees are divided into two (two?) Of the form: the worker bees, the queen, the guards, the nurse and of trutni.tochno two?
With working bees all clear. They look unremarkable, hauling honey, propolis is chewed.
Uterus twice the normal bees, something similar to the Alien Queen.

The guards constantly hang out near the tap-hole - that is in the zone of arriving passengers at the beehive. And during fertilization the uterus they fly around it. But more about that later.
Nurse - ordinary worker bees, but they hang out deep in the hive and feed the uterus special havaninoy. The uterus itself can not run to eat when pregnant. But this is also below.
The drones look like shit. They have big pawn, a body larger than the working bee antennae and they charged for vodka, a woman, harmony and salmon. In general, if a bee looks neat and reasonable, the drone fly to some awkward. Like other existing pathetic insects.

In normal mode, the following happens: by default in the hive is only one queen should be. That queen was born, I grew up and ready to spend a wonderful evening. In parallel with the uterus were born, grew up and hang out at the hive drones herds. Uterus takes a handful of guards and flies out. There, she cuts through the air, and the drones are competing in speed. Who flies faster, the uterus and prisunet. In principle, the uterus breaks off one dude, and it has during these flights just ten different drones on average.

Uterus walk up, it returns to the hive. And sow the cells eggs. And there is the trick. All the bees like bees and are displayed in normal cells from normal such eggs that have emerged from the sperm and egg cells of the uterus drone. But the drones themselves somehow derived from unfertilized eggs.
Are you sure you want to know more? Okay.
At the uterus into the vagina there is a special thing that distinguishes it from our women. Semyapriёmnik. There's going to drone sperm. It is more useful to the uterus.
Later, in the hive, the queen squeezes out an egg cell in the ordinary cell, in which the edge of the hexagon of 5, 4 millimeters. This cell edge tickle her clitoris analogue, with semyapriёmnik relaxes and the sperm fertilizes an egg there. Bingo!

But for the worker bees drones advance harvest other cells of wax. These cells hexagonal rib 6 is 2 millimeters. The walls of a cell is not tickle the clitoris, so falling into such a cell egg remains unfertilized, so out of it then hatch drone. That's what technology has come.

Uterus in the hive can die suddenly. She can eat ants. Well, or special bee mites. On the birth and maturation of new uterus need at least 21 days. If the uterus does not normally sown as future queens and died, the whole bee colonies die.
So beekeeper need somewhere Narula another womb.
But most of the need for this, since the bees always feel that the uterus is going to die. Four hours before the death of the uterus all all already understand avert their eyes and keep quiet. And they themselves secretly preparing the future uterus. How?
The old queen before his death, managed to create a brood: that is planted in the egg cell with the future pchelyatami. One of these eggs bees wax is dragged into a separate cocoon - liquor. From 5 days eggs hatch into larvae, which will be specially zakarmlivat matochkovym milk. From this her labia swell well, in general it will be the queen. She grows up, and she, too, wants to give birth.

So slowly hung up the story.
Now to the question of the title.
The most important thing - to ensure in the hive sufficient resources. The uterus is not a fool, anywhere to live and does not want to give birth. She voshkaetsya hive and examines the cell - whether enough pollen, how many honey. Accordingly, the honey is completely impossible to take away from the bees, or cease to sow uterus brood.
And still need to help the bees. By the beginning of the flowering plants should be ready to provide the bees with honeycombs framework that bees do not waste time building. And in general it is necessary to enclose the maximum care of bees, you can even watering for them directly in the apiary to do.
As a result, resources will be much the family is strong, with a large number of workers bees, nurses and guards. In this case, the uterus will bring another uterus, which can create a separate family - Otro. If only the old queen because of her bad mood will not kill.
Seen Swarming - when the young queen stupidly took the floor of the hive itself and sebala with him in an unknown direction. in appearance - a ball of black dots, which leaves behind a strip of emaciated fallen bees. Beekeepers such swarms track and catch, if you squander release of the uterus. walk through the village and ask - bees flew seen? they return - I do not know, I think pussy uterus, then failed Orange Revolution comes to naught, and all return to the womb of the old Tymoshenko on base.

Breeding bees process is simple, all biology disclosed in this post, however, the success of a beekeeper in the knowledge "of these little tricks." as, for example, glue two families, how do you know the mood of the hive, what problems they have now poisoned you, you get sick.

War is hives. this bitch scared. inherently bee - fucking Zerg and arachnids, fearless and stupid. Only unlike the Zerg nobody controls them, and collective intelligence system relies only on pheromones that often snitch like breathing.
as it happens - all warring hives around the field becomes strewn with the dead and half-dead corpses of bees. bitten with wings zhopku, heads, feet. battle begins in the air - calf randomly collide with typical rustling and buzzing, as long as one of the bees are not otchekryzhat something critical, pochli which it falls to the ground, where she was waiting for the other injured colleagues and enemies and they fight forming glomeruli in the dust. there, too, lie on the ground for hours pointless moving fins. they are afraid of ants, the birds do not guzzle. (no, devour both of them, but rarely and in such circumstances). But this is rare.

It happens that one hive oblyubuet currently second hive and begins "kamikadzirovanie" - purposefully begin to climb not in their hive. Observations - no "bees gatekeepers" they do not. Movement of bees is fairly randomly and senselessly, at the level of Brownian motion, straight ants. these "gatekeepers" are the bees, which for some reason decided to posharoebitsya for "Vzletka" and near the entrance inside and outside, and then they just sebyvayut about their business. seep into a hive of bees from a nearby hive - shit question, another question is only that much time she will live there - in the inner "circle" bee hive evil vigilant and bite everything just for prevention. an act of aggression alien aggression and respond opizdyulitsya, while "own" bee randomly in ahue will wander here and there. something like this.

hives in the autumn hide. of the bees never have time to come back and they then for a long time circling in search of his hive. in this case the beekeeper puts "brake" hive - where klutz all hives have to sleep and live. sad spectacle as all pussy all - mortality is higher than in the hospital.
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