Tale about rabbits (22 pics + text)

Just about hares :))

There was once a small house with krrasnoy krryShey on berregu blue blue rreki. And in the house lived a crowd of white rabbits. Hares these rrastili cabbage, Warri sour soup, igrrali in karrrty on morrkovku. Fun in opchem lived :)
Until he began flooding (and what to do - it happens in the spring).

Water gradually prribyvala. Flood inundates and infest all vokrrug.

And when the hare noticed that the water was very close, and Skorri flood their entire house ...

oh-ёёё ... !!! (Ie, "Oh BLYAYAYA !!!!»)

... Hares, of course, very much perrepugalis.

Panic started to run on Piglet land, crying, hugging, dёrrgat drrrug drruga the ears ... And you would not panic, as if, when there is tvorritsya - FLOOD !!!

Maza had these rabbits, of course, would call. And neprremenno to him to complain. But Mazzei on call - this is a fairy tale. Because from where hares phone? No phone in hares.

But the boat was found in a closet here.

Hares it got, prroverrili whether it dyrrr and whether it oars.

Pogrruzilis ...

And otprravilis the road.

First hares long studied grresti. Then grrebli. Then swapped again grrebli.

Someone even found on the bottom of the boat and learned to catch the bait rrybu.

Hares floated on rreke all night.

By utrrru they soverrrshenno exhausted. Leave all the oars, gorrko all odnovrremenno sighed and fell asleep.

And right up to prrospali chetyrrёh vecherra hours. That's so tired. And they chetyrre vecherra obnarruzhili that their boat prribilo to berregu where there is a small house with their krrasnoy krryshey. The water is gone, and you can re-teperr voZvrraschatsya home.

Hares obrradovalis, ran out of the boat ...

... And then dried Receives its mokrruyu sherrrst the sun.

When dried, again began to live happily ever after. But just in case put on berregu time - to monitor the kaprriznoy rrekoy :)


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