What a Beauty

I wake up one morning from a headache (yesterday celebrated the good) and the insistence of his son - Dad, well, Dad, we work yesterday and I have given him the teacher did not put. All set, but I do not. Let me read it to you. Dad, dads ... well, Sasha, hardly speak - then let (head bursting), still today do not understand, I can not even listen ... to prevail upon it all the same to me. Subject, then at least what was - I ask.
 - About nature - he said it was necessary to write, I wrote on the forest and birds. ...
 - Well, go ahead ...
Now I try to retell literally writing itself - a little more than half of the pages in a school ruler.
So…. in the same forest - I began Sasha - built factory where birds of sewed fur coats (after the first few words, my eyes began to slowly open themselves ..).
And then, when the plant resulted in the next batch of birds they have decided to organize an escape
(before his eyes began to emerge footage from Auschwitz ... a long string of unfortunate birds to huge factory gates against the backdrop of a smoky pipe. Consciousness was clear ...).
Several birds gathered in a pile and began to discuss the escape plan. It was decided to make a tunnel under the barbed wire and run into the woods
(in spite of the throbbing headache, I slowly began to take shape in half .... the underground pancake ...).
And so, when a tunnel was finished, several birds got loose and ran quickly to the forest. As it began to shoot, but the rabbits dodge bullets. Then the chase rushed the guards with dogs
(... Naturally - many coats without permission runs. Quiet hysterical laugh I can not, I'm afraid will break the head, tears from his eyes ...).
One hare winds through the woods for a long time and managed to break away from the chase
(the fate of the others is unknown, it is possible that they wore a fur coat from one of the readers of this letter. whimper - a son - no more - no mercy ...).
Finally, exhausted chasing a hare flew a glade and fell on the grass, panting (thank you rabbit god has protected, did not give the plant disappear ...... bellowing into a pillow).
Then the hare's nose with fallen tree autumn yellow leaf hare looked at him
(do you imagine ... ..)
and said: - What a BEAUTY !!!


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