Delicacy maiden

My daughter almost 5 years, and in view of no more than 3, 5: growth of small hairs thin, grow something, it is because of this upset ... But we are at it since childhood clear, all hissing, whistling, and "P" perfectly utters, and nature resolute.
At the playground with my daughter the same age as familiar; the one on the floor above the head, long blond hair in braids braided, Dream Princess, a word!
Children in the sandbox communicate, we moms on the bench, and I see my face on not passing bewilderment. After playing, the children are close to us, and then I realize what was happening: a new girlfriend does not utter half of the alphabet. My sympathetic looks from the bottom up and goodbye issues, gathering all his delicacy, "Hey, you have not tried to engage in speech therapy?"


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