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Today, July 14, Fergie has submitted to the relevant authorities the legal documents, to reflect and to stage and in real life, their civil position - to put it simply, she decided to take her husband's surname, which usually makes only 1 of 10 celebrity after marriage. Now the soloist Black Eyed Peas will be performing under the name Duhamel Fergie when she returned to live performances (recall that after the announcement of pregnancy Stacy Ferguson - as yet officially name the singer - decided to take a creative break).
We offer a look at the best-known artists, who at the time officially passed to her husband's surname (which subsequently did not prevent some of them after the divorce to go back to her maiden surname)

Jessica Biel a long time waiting for a marriage proposal from Justin Timberlake, and when, finally, they were married, she quickly applied for change of name. So now she is asking everyone to call it exclusively Timberlake Jessica

Tina Turner. Though her late husband Ike Turner was rude and a fighter, but after her divorce from him the singer has decided to leave his name, because it seemed to her louder her maiden name - Bullock

Victoria Beckham. A decent woman should wear her husband's surname - reasonably Vicki decided after her marriage to David Beckham 14 years ago and until now, as you see, has not regretted. Maiden Name socialite - Adams

Jada Pinkett Smith decided to leave himself and his mother's maiden name - Pinkett and Will Smith to honor by taking his name

Robin Wright Penn is still not legally decided to get rid of the second surname, which she took after her marriage to Sean Penn. It is a double name, it became known, so it is unlikely she will ever get rid of it then

Lily Allen, who became famous by her maiden name, officially changed its name to Lily Rose Cooper after marriage. In concert posters now has to write: "Today you sing Lily Rose Cooper (Lily Allen)ยป

Many believe that Moore - Demi nee ageless, but it is not. Her maiden name - Harmon and sonorous and laconic Moore got her first husband - rocker Freddie Moore

Eva Longoria, who is now head plunged into a new romance after marriage to Tony Parker took a double surname and earnestly insisted that all secular publications called her Eva Longoria-Parker. However, after the divorce, she quickly returned to her maiden name

Similarly, received and Courteney Cox. Those who watched TV series "Friends" will remember that at a certain season in the credits appeared as Coco Courteney Cox-Arquette

If you suddenly decide to Salma Hayek to take out a bank loan in the name, it will not give it to her - in fact in all the documents it appears as Madame Pinault, the billionaire husband Francois Henri Pinault-


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