There are 177,000 possible ways to tie a tie

Mathematically dokazano

Mathematician Veydemo Mikael Johansson, while watching the movie "The Matrix Reloaded" accidentally drew attention to one of the characters of the film - the Merovingian, whose tie was tied not quite standard way. After checking the existing ways to tie a tie (there are even special instructions), he realized that the site was not covered with.

For example, in video tutorials on «YouTube» there is an instruction how to tie the exact same node exotic, like the Merovingian. Usually people just do fold - slips one end of the tie under the rest of the unit, and any nodes tied in such a way will be covered at the expense of the flat portion of the tissue.

But the new set of nodes for a tie on the basis of the Merovingian site allows you to make some additional manipulation in the middle of tying knots and create numerous folds and angles. Thus, it is possible to tie a tie 177 thousand ways.

Veydemo-Johansson created the random tie knots, which generates one of 177,000 units and gives the user instructions on how to do it.



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