9 ways to tie a tie knot stunning!

tie for a true gentleman - an accessory almost mandatory. Without it the appropriate costume and some just do not go out of the house. Such people can tell a lot just by looking at it what color tie adorns their neck today, and how it is tied. For example, the famous James Bond himself manifested in such matters considerable snobbery, preferred not to trust amateurs Windsor knot. Sez believed that such persons are paying too much attention to his style.

The correctness of the British in this regard recognize difficult, because Windsor - just one of the many convenient and neat knots, nothing more. However, abuse it too should not be. Fortunately, tie lovers have a wide selection of beautiful sites for all occasions.

< Website offers nine consider ways to tie a tie.

1. Node "Balthus" The history of this site has not so many years, but first of all he is known for his large-scale dimensions. Swiss artist who invented it differed enviable eccentricity and tied his tie to be extremely ugly.

2. Node "Cape" Simple but elegant knot that with the right approach can achieve absolute symmetry.

3. Node "Christensen" version with a lot of names. Cross, Italian, square knot - it's all he is. The name inherited from producer Tie Amanda Christensen, whose catalog has been identified in this way. True, it is somewhat irrelevant. Modern ties hardly succeed gracefully tie so.

4. Merovingian knot Some consider it a sophisticated version of the site "Atlantic", others - the reverse version of the Windsor knot. It got its name is not directly from the medieval Frankish rulers of the dynasty. The node is named in honor of the Merovingian, mysterious and incredibly stylish character of the cult of "The Matrix" in the neck which he appeared.

5. Node "Onassis" The way in which especially liked to tie a tie incredible rich Aristotle Socrates Onassis. Suitable for recreation, but in office tie so it is best not to wear.

6. Node "Pratt" It is interesting that in America it is called the "Shelby" and in Europe - "Pratt". Node-then, of course, remains the same, but the names of its two inventors are fighting for a place of honor in the minds of the inhabitants of different continents. He became popular in 1989, it is considered to be an excellent choice for office workers.

7. Trinity Knot They say this unusual assembly best suited for striped ties. Great for experimentalists because it gives a wide scope for variants and forgives some execution errors.

8. Node "Quartet" Perhaps the easiest among the methods presented here. Sometimes it is also called "simple" or "school" because this knot is perfect for beginners. It is interesting that, despite its simplicity, the "Quartet" has a rich history, and the 30-ies of the last century in general was considered the only common option.

9. Node "Eldridge" Spectacular, but a rather complicated way to tie a tie. Beginners better not to start with him. Fangled trend that has become popular only some 7 years ago, "Eldridge" looks like a pigtail. Get ready for the fact that he correctly you will not immediately!

All videos taken in the compilation of a mirror. Watch carefully watch the movements of the hands of the master, and secrets Tie knots quickly you conquer!

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