25 very creepy abandoned places from around the world

Through these photos, you will perceive a new phrase "ghostly beauty." Each of these abandoned places in their own way charming. And at the same time scary! < Website provides the reader with a virtual tour of zhutchayshim places of the world with a bad history.

House on an island in Finland

Photo source: Fishki.netZabroshennaya church ... and parishioners. Netherlands

Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana, USA

Abandoned house on the water, the Obersee lake, Germany

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Abandoned mine railroad, Taiwan

Testing station naval weapons, Makhachkala

Flooded church on lake Decisions Italy Solutions - an artificial reservoir; when it was created - it was flooded including the 14th-century church


Tree House Victorian, Florida, USA

Abandoned House

"Magic bus" in Alaska this bus has lived four months explorer Christopher McCandless. Then he died of exhaustion.

Corridor abandoned building

Shpreepark, Berlin, Germany This is an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin.

Blue spiral staircase in a European castle

Island led, Italy On the island, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered to evacuate the sick with plague, to isolate them from healthy. Later it was used as an insulator for the mentally ill.

Abandoned pier

Abandoned Navy Yard Vallejo, California, USA during the First and Second World War, the shipyard has been used as a port for underwater boats, but with the 1990s. she was abandoned and flooded.

Abandoned attraction Chernobyl, Ukraine Chernobyl was completely abandoned in 1986 after the Chernobyl accident.

Petite Santyur, abandoned railroad in Paris

grassy Palace, Poland

< br> Floating forest, Sydney, Australia

Abandoned house in a forest

Abandoned theater in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Church in Saint-Etienne, France

wrecked ships in the Bermuda triangle

Turquoise channel Venice, Italy

Stairs to nowhere, Pismo Beach, CA

via fishki.net/1970721-27-zhutkih-zabroshennyh-mest-so-vsego-mira.html


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