17 abandoned places around the world, from the goose that run ... Each of them has its own history.

The world is full of abandoned places, each of which has its own history. Admit it, there is in them something special, and that something makes us avoid them. However, there is no limit to human curiosity, so we have prepared a selection of places to look at that horrible, but interesting.

1. Hashima Island, Japan. B>

Once on the island were rich deposits of coal, and there were about 5,000 miners and their families. When gasoline has replaced coal as the main fuel source, the town was abandoned. The city is empty to this day.

2. Sanchzhi, Taiwan. B>

These futuristic houses were originally designed for the US military rest, who were returning from Asia. Unfortunately, the project stopped right in front of the opening of the fund in 1980, the year, so for the purpose they were never used.

3. 102-year floating forest in Australia. B>

This corps ship was doomed to rust in Homebush Bay in the days of the Second World War. Since the ship so no one touched, nature decided to take everything into their own hands - the ship turned into a floating forest.

4. Maunsell Sea Forts. B>

These forts were built to protect the English from potential land air or sea attacks during the Second World War. After the end of hostilities, facilities were abandoned.

5. Pripyat, Ukraine. B>

Pripyat was once a peaceful cozy town built specifically for employees situated near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. April 26, 1986 the fourth power unit of the station exploded, the consequences of which was the release of huge amounts of radioactive substances. Residents of Pripyat were evacuated, and the city became unsuitable for living due to high levels of radiation.

6. The headquarters of the Communist Party of Bulgaria. B>

Place of meeting of the Communist Party of Bulgaria looks terribly both externally and internally. This building is in the shape of a flying saucer was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now the building looks very ominous.

7. Dreamland Park Nara, Japan. B>

Nara Dreamland was opened in 1961, the year. It closed 45 years later. Since then, in these parts roam only stalkers, despite the fact that security is still patrolled the park.

8. Desert Island in Florida, USA. B>

These funny houses were built in 1981, the year at Cape Romano. They served as a resting place for the millionaire Bob Lee, until he went bankrupt. Now this place is abandoned.

9. New Bedord Orpheus, USA.

New Bedord Orpheus - an abandoned theater in Massachusetts, USA. It was opened in 1912th and closed in 1959. Since the building serves mainly as a shop. Now the owners are raising money for the restoration of the theater.

10. Lost City in Shicheng, China. B>

This incredible city flooded, frozen in time, already in 1341. Shicheng, or Lion City is located in Jiangxi province in eastern China. It was discovered in 1959, during the construction of hydroelectric power stations.

11. Station City Hall. B>

City Hall - the station of the New York subway, opened in 1904, the year. Over time, the plant has ceased to fit the new standards, so was closed in 1945th.

12. Hotel Salto, Colombia. B>

Since 1928, the hotel served as a shelter for tourists who come to see the 157-meter waterfall Tequendama Falls. In the early 90's of interest to the waterfall plummeted and the hotel had to close.

13. Abandoned military hospital in Bielice, Germany. B>

A large hospital complex was built in 1800. It was here that Adolf Hitler was recuperating after a leg injury in the Battle of the Somme.

14. Cooling tower in Belgium. B>

This is pictures from the tower of the old power station in Monceau-sur-Sambre, Belgium.

15. Sunken boat, Antarctica. B>

This eerie ghost ship - Brazilian boat shipwrecked in Ardley Bay. Brazilians are doing a documentary, but a strong wind and the raging sea forced them to abandon ship. Since then, the boat rests under the water.

16. Psychiatric Hospital Willard, United States. B>

Hospital for chronic patients was opened in 1869, the year. This place has a grim history as more than half the 50,000 patients who are referred to a hospital of his home died right there. This makes the hospital morgue one of the most horrible places that you can imagine. After the closure of the hospital in 1995, the majority of patients had to return to society.

17. The village of Neo Tew, Singapore. B>

Prosperous once the village was abandoned in 2002, the year. Now this place is the training ground for the national army.

Personally, I have goosebumps flee from these places. On the one hand, I would like to go there and look at all this with my own eyes, and on the other - who knows, maybe these places are not so abandoned as they seem at first glance. Suddenly, someone has chosen them as his new home. And frankly, this someone I would not want to meet.



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