30 incredible similarities between parents and their children. It seems I have double vision!

There is nothing strange in the fact that young offspring resemble their biological parents. But when you are personally confronted with an incredible resemblance between parents and their children in real life, it just amazed how much they resemble each other. The team decided to make a very interesting collection of pictures of children and parents at their age. Apple from apple-tree, as they say ... But the similarity between them is really amazing! You seem to look at one and the man in another era.

Dad and daughter

mother and son

Mother and daughter

Dad and son at 5 months of age

The son and mother in 5 months

The mother and daughter of 8 years (1984 and 2014)

The daughter and mother

Photos mother near her newborn daughter

Mom and daughter 2 years old

The son and the father

Mother and daughter in first class

Father and son

Mother and daughter in the 11 months

Dad and daughter

4 years old daughter and her father at age 5

Mom and daughter (2 days old)

Mom and daughter 1 year old

Dad and daughter

Mom and her son

Dad and son

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter

Mother and her daughter

Mother and son

Mother and son

The Pope, the child and his mother

Mother and son

mother with her little daughter

Mom and her son

Daughter and mother

To say "as two drops of water" - it's nothing to say ... Genes do wonders! How fortunate that all these parents have their small copies. Show these wonderful family photos to your friends.



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