The European Space Agency has a powerful sound system that can kill a person

Use it, of course, not for murder but for space ispytaniy

Favorite music can kill you. However, do not worry - death is only the sound of more than 135-year-decibels. It is unlikely that conventional speakers capable of such sound waves, but the sound system of the European Space Agency - quite.

This horn is the most powerful instrument of its kind in Europe. If you turn on maximum volume, then those who are next to no chance left. The horn is part of the big European acoustic environment (BEAC) - the test chamber for research of the impact that the acoustic noise in the spacecraft: it helps to make sure that the missiles will not receive any damage during launch.

The height of the test sound chamber - 16 4 meters, width - 11 meters, and the depth - 9 meters. In one of the walls is built huge horn: the passage therethrough of nitrogen can be an incredibly powerful sound - more than 154 x decibels, enough to kill a person.

As the sound of such a force can cause huge damage, it is used as a weapon. Less powerful sound waves emitted for crowd control as a protective and deterrent measures against terrorism - these sound waves cause people to experience nausea and discomfort.

Acoustic grenades can cause more harm - they emit sound from 120 to 190 decibels. According to a German study, 210 decibels are guaranteed to cause damage to internal organs, and as a result, personal injury and death.

Fortunately, the device ESA - not weapons. He firmly closed to the outside world a thick walls and is operated only when all doors are closed security. The walls are made of reinforced concrete lined with steel and coated with epoxy resin to be sure - it ensures the safety of employees and the agency inside the camera creates a uniform sound field.



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