Do not dry the wound - to cut healed quickly, you should close it and save bandages humidity

Leave the wound in the air far less effektivno

Remember, what advice would you give parents and caregivers, if you cut yourself: wash the wound, stop bleeding, and leave it on the air, let the air out. For a long time it was thought that this approach speeds up the healing, because the crust is formed on the wound so quickly, scratch and heal quickly.

Recent studies have shown that if a small wound to close (for example, plaster) and allow it to be wet, it will speed up the healing process. If you leave the wound in the air, it would be in a dry environment that promotes cell death, and if you close the wound and let it stay wet, it is, on the contrary, promotes cell regeneration.

Furthermore, plaster, bandage, or any other coating that reduces the amount of inflammation-causing cells, thus speeding healing.

There is one caveat: if the wound ointment to anoint with antibiotics to scratch remained wet, then accelerate the healing process, too. So in that our grandmothers were right: the good old Vaseline is a great healing tool.



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