Under this machine it found something terrible. What did the man who found it - just incredible.

Wilson Coutinho Martins is committed to take care of the dogs that no one can help. At this time it might end differently, though he be late for one minute. This is the story of a dog named SWAT, which Wilson helped rediscover life.

«This car took me to the inner voice. What I saw there, I was terrified. Under the car, as if dead, lying dog. How long he was there - it is unknown. On his head was a heavy wound ». I>

«I touched it to check whether he is alive. He took the dog in his arms and said that he was still breathing. Zateplilas hope ». I>

«But his condition was critical. It was necessary to act immediately. The bank has every minute - in the wound already swarming worms. I shall never forget the sight! » I>

«I took the dog to the clinic to his friend the vet. I have no doubt - there just to help. So it turned out - a procedural table prepared without delay ». I>

«I tried to convey to the animal a little positive energy. His breathing was inconsistent and I blew his nostrils so that he could breathe the air. Immediately I came up with the nickname Coll, which means breeze ». I>

«Calming gradually began to operate, and SWAT fell asleep. We treated his wound with hydrogen peroxide and silver spray. It is time for a more complex stage of rescue operations ». I>

«Now it was necessary to remove from the wound worms. This problem is very difficult, because there were so many. We had to get into the wound deeper and deeper, so that it is completely clean - it took almost two hours ». I>

«Both nurses worked well - they patiently and carefully clean the wound. But best of all bothered Coll, he bravely endured the procedure and never flinched - great dog! » I>

«The smell was unbearable - smelled like rotten meat. In this bath - the result of our operations ». I>

«The wound is immediately smeared with ointment, which has an immediate disinfecting effect and promotes rapid healing and recovery of the skin. It does not look very nice, but not do without it ». I>

«SWAT kept a stiff upper lip - for all time did not utter a single sound. But we did carry with them a good four hours! I thought that a bill from the clinic will be rather big ». I>

«But it was worth it! Every living creature deserves a chance at life, yet it is possible to save him. I was convinced - with the help of my Facebook friends, we will cope! » I>

«Finally, all procedures have been completed, and the wound bandaged. Now SWAT I needed rest and relaxation. In fact, we all need to rest ». I>

«Three days later, I came to visit him. Coll looked a lot better, and looked at me with eyes full of gratitude. It was the first good news. And then I followed and second: because of my friends on Facebook with paying the bill had no problems ». I>

«Thank you all! Let's hug, my brave friend SWAT, everything will be fine! » I>

After two weeks Coll fully recovered and left the hospital. Please take him to her, but we'll see. Thanks again to everyone who believed in us! » I>

Thanks primarily deserves Wilson Coutinho Martins. I admire this man, always ready to help. Unique, too, had his ability to find sick animals, and the fact that he can bring them back to life, and at all akin to a small miracle. Share this story and tell me all about this extraordinary man!



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